The Definitive Beginners Guide to Autodrive for Farming Simulator 22


While it’s not radically different from Autordive for Farming Simulator 19 there are some great new additions to Autodrive for Farming Simulator 22. So I’ve compiled what I think is the definitive beginner’s guide to Autodrive for Farming Simulator 22, even if you have never used Autodrive before this should help you get into the swing of it, or you are a seasoned pro looking to brush up or remind yourself what it does, this is the guide for you!

0:00 – Intro
1:05 – Network Generation
2:13 – The Autodrive Interface (HUD)
8:27 – Create a Simple Course
11:05 – Adding in Waypoints
15:58 – Loading Course
20:53 – Unloading Course
21:59 – Creating a Two Way Route as Part of your Course
28:57 – Load and Unload Courses
33:20 – Reversing as Part of your Course
35:59 – Adjusting Courses
37:07 – Network Generation – Some More Detail

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The Definitive Beginners Guide to Autodrive for Farming Simulator 22

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  1. Great video! Question for you, I‘m having an issue of the tractor slowing down at every point, it never accelerated past like 6 mph since it almost stops at every single point, how do you setup how fast the tractor should drive down the road?

  2. Very helpful. Thank you. Just one question. This current bug we have that deletes key bindings has left me with no key mapping at all for autodrive.. As I hadnt been using it I dont have a backup. Any clever ideas on how I can force AD to reestablish its default bindings?

  3. Really useful guide. Everything very well explained and easy to understand. I will be adding this mod to the server today to play around with it. Thank you for taking the time to do this and help others. Much appreciated. Liked and Subscribed.

  4. This is extremely easy for a newbie to follow. Very well done tutorial of the basics of autodrive.
    I could have spent time and figured it out myself but so much better when others have already done it for me 🙂

    Earned a sub there & will progress thru the other vids even tho the basics is all I needed to skip 🙂

  5. your video has helped me soo much…. wondering tho i cant get the autodrive to empty the second trailer or if using the multiple dump trailer the helper only dumps first compartment and have look at many other videos and no luck finding what i am missing

  6. I have a question…do the two hopper semitruck trailers have any problems unloading both hopper with autodrive? I know in FS19 only the first hopper would unload with Courseplay

  7. I don't quite get the saving part.

    The Elm Creek course came with lots of fractured points (connections to different roads were severed).

    I fixed it up and added some of my own. At one point, I decided to load in the "saved course" (I save the course as "ElmCreek 1" every time I modify it), and it instantly messed EVERYTHING up; everything was thrown out of calibration. I loaded the savegame again and it was back to normal. What I don't get is what do you do with saving routes (moreover, I don't get what a "route" is defined as in this sense). Do I have to save it every time I make a change to the map routes? Or is it like courseplay where saving a "route" in this sense is saving an already-calculated job?

    Also, why does it default to "route 1". What throws me off is that you can save multiple routes. Why have multiple routes and not add on to the main branch?

    I can't find any good explanations so far and I'm lost.

  8. There are good tutorials out there for FS22 and then there are your tutorials which are excellent. Thank you so much for investing your time so other players like myself can enjoy mods like this. I was big into Courseplay in FS15 and FS17 but never used AutoDrive or Courseplay in FS19. Because of your tutorials I will certainly make use of both in FS22. Thank you!!

  9. This video is broken down so well. You made it so clear, thank you. One top that I have found when creating a drive system is putting in roundabouts so you don’t have cross overs at junctions it looks a lot cleaner.

  10. I regret ignoring this mod in 19. I never saw the point over courseplay but after watching this I'm definitely going to give it a shot, it looks pretty slick.

  11. When it asks to set up at the beginning I selected yes. It did all the straight lines but missed all the intersections on Elm Creek. Is that normal? Do I have to set up all intersections by hand?


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