THE CONSTRUCTION MAP – Map Tour – Farming Simulator 22


This a tour of the construction map, a map that allows you to build it how you want.


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  1. What a sad zero effort map. I get the blank slate appeal but this is just a flat plain with random sell points. Completely devoid of character. Really has that vibe that someone was just testing map tools and placeables, not a real map intended for play

  2. this map was ok till i got numerous crashes 1 right after another on ps4 is this a map issue or is this the game itself? all other maps works perfect any ideas on how to fix it?

  3. This map is bad… Its just flattened and a bit changed Elmcreek… I wonder how this got on modhub in the first place… I bet it was one evening work. No even close to the vibe of NML.
    Author should leave this map for himself to experiment with it more.

  4. The first thing I did was remove the farm house and put the log cabin in the grass among the trees. I agree though, we already had No Mans Land on console, we did really need another “build your own”, at the moment.

  5. What up f.c. !!
    I'm Sorry but this construction map is false advertising has nothing to do with construction ! I thought it would like the mining an economy maps . That would've been super cool !
    But turns out it's a bootleg no man's land ! This map is good for you to show new mods on the channel.

    They took elm creek an deleted everything on the map except the shop an animal dealer !!

    I'm all for supporting farm sim people but giant should've even let this on the mod hub !

  6. Farmer cop Basically someone blanked out the Elmcreek map and left some stuff there, also you can't sell some of the crops or products 🤔 but you could make the map anyway you want

  7. I appreciate the time and effort you go into making these map tours, and I like the fact that you give them all a shout out when they come on the modhub or whatever, but you have to admit.. this was a waste of everyones time.

    I tell you who I am looking forward to a map from for FS22 and that is Ka77e, I sure hope they can migrate Kleines Land over to FS22, I loved that little map and never got to try out the "updated" version.


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