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The Construction Map –

Start: 0:00
Intro: 0:22
PDA, Starting Land, Prices screen: 1:44
Farm Tour: 6:48
Starting Equipment: 8:13
Fly Over: 9:25

Welcome to the construction map!
Here you can let your imagination run wild and design the map according to your preferences.

What is included:
– 2 sales stations
– 3 factories
– cattle dealer
– Shop
– 6 fields
– 28 purchasable areas
– a farm with buildings and machines
– all standard functions

Game Farming Simulator 22
Manufacturer NONE
Category Map
Author The Lort
Size 42.11 MB
Released 28.01.2022
Platform PC/MAC, PS4, PS5, XB1, XBS

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  1. How can there be a map but most game production or crops cant be sold in that map?? I literally plowed 500 acres all last weekend and planted soybeans and now i learn you cant sell them or alot of productions 😤😤😤😤 thought this was going to be a good customizable map but fuck

  2. Needed more selling options included at startup. No silage etc or soybean sell options make it much harder for what I usually like to start with. Will have to make some hard choices initially especially with limited game time.

  3. I don't mean for this to come across as rude (like, seriously this is meant to be constructive criticism) — but it feels like maybe this is a perfect example of how the current "scoring method" might need to be adjusted a bit.

    Consider that maps people have put a lot of effort into (actual custom maps that spent tons of time in development, and actually add a lot to the experience) keep getting tripped up and losing a point here or there — but meanwhile someone can literally take Elm Creek and delete most of the map, and almost score a 5.0… That seems like a huge red flag to me.

    Klein basically said at the end that if they had simply marked locations a bit better and failed to delete a couple of Elm Creek's sell points, then it would have scored a 5.0. Which tells me that obviously we're not rewarding originality/creativity/effort here.

    (I can't remember if Calmsden actually scored less than this, or if it scored the same? But again that seems like a giant red flag. I'm not suggesting that the scoring method was a bad one to begin with — but when maps that put so much effort and creativity into the game and actually add a lot for players to enjoy, and they're struggling to compare to "maps that take the base game map and just delete some stuff" — it feels like it's time for a quick sanity check and maybe time to reevaluate some of the criteria.)

    Again, I'm not trying to be a really critical here and I am not claiming that I know the perfect criteria that should be used… But just as a viewer this struck me as a particularly obvious example that the current criteria are broken. (If I can score a 5.0 by publishing Elm Creek and "changing even less about the map than this one does" then it really seems to reward copy and paste maps more than it does anything creative or new.)

    Anyway, just my $0.02. Thanks for the map reviews and sorry for the long post. 😉

  4. Hey farmer Klein !

    I'm sorry bud , im all for supporting the farm sim community ,
    this map does NOT deserve a 4.2 out of 5 rating !

    Its elm creek all deleted except for shop an animal dealer !
    It's a map for you to show other new mods off on ! That's about it !

    An it's more like a bootleg
    no man's land !! An that's being nice .

    I really thought this would be something like the mining an economy maps or something along those lines , especially when you hear the title !

    In all honestly Giant shouldn't have even let this one come out .
    They deleted giant's map an resubmitted back to them ! Wtf !

  5. Each to there own these maps are designed for people who like to feel free to create rather then putting up with what's there on maps like calmsden thst u can't do your own style the games about choice not limits read a comment tho that fields cant be created so needs fixing if correct please cus I actually like this map made My day been waiting for another map like this please fix any limits or bugs

  6. Great review!! Downloaded it, but I'm stuck on NML for now. Almost 400 hours in and making too much to stop ATM. I play Calmsden when I want to change it up a little, but waiting for the update to dig in!
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Come on FK. How can this map get the same score as Calmsden? Do you not think your scoring system needs looking at? I can basically stick down all the placeable productions on a rubbish square of unimaginative land and it's 5 stars.

  8. I think it depends how you look at this map, if your comparing it to no mans land it may appear unfinished however this seem more like a step up from flat map, in fs19 in which case it is a pretty decent map, as the whole point was for you to create what you wanted.

  9. Farmer Klein I like the map build it the way you want to just needs some sell points for the other crops and production sales but you could place the in sell points for furniture and Surgar for cake and chocolate.

  10. Don’t get some of these comments. It’s a build your own map style. How is it unfinished etc…? If this is unfinished and shouldn’t be on the mod hub, then No mans land shouldn’t be either.

  11. I just can't get behind this map. It just looks and feels rushed/unfinished. I think I'm just surprised giants allowed this on the modhub. Regardless of my opinion, thank you for your review! Keep up the great work!


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