Will you be playing County Line in Farming Simulator 22?
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This video is a first look at County Line for Farming Simulator 22

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  1. What got me about this video was it never came to console for fs19 so what I am concerned about is will it come to console for fs22 cause I would really like to play this on console

  2. I am excited to check out the beta when I get home (it’s going to be a long driver from PA to CO to get home to this map). Question: Do they have many plans for production in the city? Having loved this map in FS19 I know the town has a LOT of potential for production. Especially Crisco, Applebees, etc. County Line can bring all of that to a whole different level with the businesses in there, thus giving more realism and goal orientation to tasks. Not only produce items but have legit restaurants and businesses to deliver to. Exciting stuff, that would be.

    EDIT: I re-watched and caught where you said you do not know if there are plans to add in production. Leaving my original comment unedited though to show interest if the mod authors ever see it 🙂

  3. "for the most part" = it's a beta release and busted AF. Don't try to pass the map off as playable, it's just a release from the author to show there is progress on it. This is almost as busted as those "Kubota tractors" you tried to have in that series where in first person the hoods were busted AF.

  4. The only negative i can see, is that there are no square fields to see.. It makes it hard to use workers, since you will always have to go after them to clean up..
    Either ut have to have all small fields so you actually can make some progress without spending huge amounts of time to make progress, or make huge square areas to farm..
    But I do like the vision of this modders map, it's nice! But.. It's only for some people that wants to do all the work, or multiplayer..

  5. Nice to see more stuff coming out…I switched over to Satisfactory and glad I found something to hold me over until FS22 is ready for prime-time. I was thinking 6 months or so…but at the current rate, it might be closer to the end of the year before it is ready. Hoping to see some more progress on mods and maps ramp up with the new year to prove me wrong…we shall see.

  6. I loved this map in fs17. Roads are much too wide and unrealistic, but that a minor criticism. Also the dev needs to either remove the vehicle shop fence OR have items spawn much further inside the back fence. trailers getting stuck in the fence but that's funny!

  7. Wauw looks awesome, can't wat tot play.
    But got a quastion, do you know i've three is a mod for fs22 for animal species. For example with horses they called black, White or Brown, insted of full blood or arabic. Thanks and keep going with the channel loving your video's

  8. Never seen this map on FS19, but I guess it's because it's not on the official modhub. I tend not to use mods from other sites. Would love to see Sandy Bay and Lone Oak Farm on FS22.


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