TERRAFORM MOD – Landscape with Equipment! – Farming Simulator 22


This amazing mod allows you to landscape with equipment and dig ANYWHERE!!!

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  1. This modding community continues to amaze me. They are literally the only reason I keep playing FS games because Giants and their base game is so mediocre without modders involved.

  2. This is such a great mod. Combined with the lime plant you would never have to pay for lime again. I would have loved to see water tables spread across the whole map so that you could enlarge ponds and streams (irrigation channels anyone ?) but I was only testing it on Elm Creek. I do love the little green bridge next to the starting farm on Elm Creek and would love to see these as a placeable, even a Bailey Bridge that would scale like the fences but maybe that's just the old Sapper in me.

  3. would love to see some equipment like eathmovers (pans), dozers, dump trucks and motor graders to do this too. Could be contracted out to other players with a grading business 😊


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