Stone Valley 22 by Lancyboi (First Look & Map Tour)


Stone Valley 22 by Lancyboi (First Look & Map Tour)

0:00 – Intro
0:09 – Overview
0:32 – What’s New
1:04 – Important Info
1:24 – Main Farm
1:48 – Cow Farm
2:13 – Sheep Farm
2:37 – Pig Farm
3:08 – Extra Barns
3:25 – New Farmer Owned Items
3:40 – The PDA
4:19 – The Store
4:56 – Placeable Areas
5:21 – Selling Points
5:38 – Production Areas
5:47 – Buyable Lands
7:07 – Too Much To Show
7:17 – Other Vids & Streams
7:50 – Outro

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  1. Thank you to Lancyboi for sending this over to show you guys! This map is going to be a lot of fun! As it sits right now, the map is going through internal testing, and then it will go to Giants for testing.

  2. Question Dj.

    The building you can delete. Are they available in build mode to be put back in dif area. ? The red sheds an white sheds you can’t delete. Are they in sheds in build mode?

  3. If I can’t buy every inch of the map I don’t want no part… been playing on the frankenmuth map on modhub and I can’t buy the roads which causes problems while trying to re shape fields by painting

  4. Looking forward to the new version of this map. I had over 300 hours played on stone valley 19. It would be awesome if the cattle pen capacity was 500 or more on this version. Awesome content as always DJ!

  5. I was honestly kind of hoping the map would look like the 19 version but with a few touch ups for 22, i really liked the way the area was set up in 19 as far as fields and animals, stone valley22 does look good overall tho

  6. I don’t know why, but the recycled base game dealership makes me sad. I loved the FS19 Stone Valley dealership so much. Otherwise looks like a decent map.

  7. This year has been lack luster in the map department. All we seem to be getting is remake after remake and heck we get two remade maaps of the same remake that was in 19 in goldcrest valley.


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