Sim Dashboard Updated for Farming Simulator 22 Already!


Very excited to let you all know that Sim Dashboard has already been updated to work with Farming Simulator 22, I’ve already released a screen to get you started but there will be more to come.

Get Sim Dashboard Here –
Get my Active Run Screen Here –

You can get Farming Simulator 22 Here –

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AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8 Core
MSI Nvidia RTX 2080 Super 8GB
Tomahawk MAX B450 Motherboard
Corsair Vengance 32GB RAM

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Sim Dashboard Updated for Farming Simulator 22 Already!

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  1. To save me answering the same question many times I'll pin this, hope it helps.
    1. No it's not for console because it uses a small program in Windows that passes the data from the game to the sim dashboard app
    2. No it's not available for iOS (Apple) It goes against Apple's security protocols

  2. I’ve noticed on those dashes I downloaded to my tablet that the resolution seems not as good as your showing. They words seem distorted a little or pixelated. Could that just be my tablet?

  3. HI followed the steps you outlined but don’t see the actual mod that makes this work in game. Is it already built in or something? Do we use the same mod from 19? Help can’t figure it out and do not really want to play farmsym 22 without it so went back to 19.

  4. This is awesome, completely transformed the game thank you. how would I go about changing the "extra tool function" button which I am yet to use, to "raise lower instead", which I think would be better?

  5. Hi there. (Remember me from twitch? 🙂) I have a question. I have captures my simdash on my pc with the program Vysor. Bit my OBS Cannot capture the device. Is it nessesery to do a window capture or can i use a specific "game" capture?

  6. Hi. I DL the pro version of sim dash. (Only for fs22). Prob I’m having isi can only see the speedometer,water temp adjust and weather or not a implement is attached or not. I have no control on start/stop. Lights, implements functions etc…. Am I missing a set up step? Even tried key bindings.

  7. Just went through installing everything just to find I have to buy the PRO version of Sim Dashboard to even use this(which of all the people I've heard talk about the app, not one ever mentions this). Whelp.. That was a waste of time.

  8. Needs to run the PRO version of the app for $13 if you want to use a reasonable amount of widgets. Would have been nice to know that ahead of time as I can't afford that till next paycheck.

  9. Very nice!! I just got myself a new kindle fire 8 to run this on! One question though, the images and text are kinda blurry and I checked and don't have the reduce image quality setting on. Any ideas to get the designs looking more clear?

  10. This is brilliant – been playing FS for years – did not spend much time on FS19 due to work etc – but really back into it with FS22 – on the back of this video – ordered a 10 inch android tablet, downloaded and paid for Sim Dashboard and within 30 mins of playing, realised how good this really is… just need to train myself to stop reaching over my wheel to the keyboard… already using some of you screens as well – thanks for the work you put into this – very much appreciated…

  11. I used Sim Dashboard in FS19 on a tablet attached to my Saitek FS panel, so I can control almost everything in the game with the setup. Glad to see it's been updated for FS22!

  12. Hey FSG
    It looks good the Dashboard.I think I will see if I can figure out how to use it.
    I do not know if you know,but AD for FS22 came out last night (Friday) and it works.

  13. Such a cool app, and I love your active run page! This is just a recommendation, but I the one thing I think its missing is a "fold/unfold tool" button, because you already have the "tool on/off" and the"raise/lower" buttons. But even without it this template just looks really nice and gives you quite a lot of useful information without looking cluttered and messy. Definently a 5 out of 5!


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