Will you be using the new manual shift mode?
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In this video we’re checking out the new manual transmissions mode in Farming Simulator 22, We’re talk about the setting and show you how to set it up. We’ll also be discussing the different types of transmissions you’ll find in Farming Simulator 22.

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  1. Does anybody know what it means when there is a button option that includes a number? Example, 6+RB = Open seeder cover. I see quite a few of these already mapped for my logitech wheel. I’ve tried pressing the keyboard number and wheel button at the same time but that doesn’t seem to work.

  2. So i drive trucks in real life and just an fyi for anyone who is curious we generally don't use the clutch but to start and stop. After we start moving we just let off the throttle slightly and slide into the next gear and continue on 🙂

  3. i need some assistance, i have a sim trucking setup from playing ATS. so i managed to get it all setup with the gears mapped and everything. however i also have an attachment on my shifter its basically a big truck shifter with the high and low range splitter switch and the switch for changing from the like 1-8 gears to the rest 9-16…either way basically its got switches on it for those things. however in the game i cannot seem to make them work correctly. i remember in ATS it had a setting to make the switched work like toggle switches where it was in the up position or down position. but i cant seem to make that work in this game. if you or anyone else can be of assistance that would be great. thanks!

  4. This is fairly disappointing. Why does the tractor stop in low gear with the
    clutch released? We waited more than 3 years for this since they
    promised it would be in 19 and it could be better. It's workable if you use a sticky throttle to set your idle, but I'd really like to see a reverse gear position for trucks.

  5. So with the semis do you shift them like a normal car? or do you have to double clutch like you do with a real semi seeing how real semis dont have synchronized transmissions?

  6. Hoping to find a answer here. I got a 6 speed shifter 7th being reverse. I play a lot of American truck simulator so I’m use to not having enough gears but it’s not a problem on there once you reach my 6th you can set a keybind to get into 7-12 then you have another key bind to get 12-17 etc. Anybody know how to change gear groups in farming sim?


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