Setting up a Rented Dedicated Server for Farming Simulator 22 | PC Xbox PlayStation


This video will walk you through the process of setting up a rented dedicated server.

Rent a Server URL shown in the video if it does not appear for you –

Intro: 0:15
Setting up a rented server: 4:58
Adding Mods to the Server: 10:10
Additional Server Settings: 14:52
Activating Uploaded Mods and DLC: 17:16
Uploading a local game save to the server: 18:38
Starting the Dedicated Server: 21:27
Joining your Dedicated Server from the Game: 24:27

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  1. my server is started and i followed your instructions but my server is not currently showing up in the server list. i have made sure my filter is correct but still nothing

  2. My server keeps shutting down after I start it up and all it says in the logs is “couldn’t inform friends of server”. But when it does launch, it won’t let me load FS22 from my desktop because I’m still logged in on the VPS. Any issue how to fix either issues?

  3. Is there any way I could play on a mod map on console? When you set up the server you get to choose between the 3 standard maps. What if we uploaded a savegame from a pc from that map? I don`t have fs 22 on pc so can`t try it.

  4. GameServers seem questionable, they show demo servers, but it is extremely vague and LS22 doesn't let you search a server by IP. So how do you go about testing these demo servers? The person setting that page up obviously has never played the game.

  5. I`ve got a Question, i dont know where i can activated the player mark on the minimap. I dont see me or my Mates on the map only the tractor or stuff like that. Can you help me with that. That would be great Thank you 😀

  6. Hi, i have a very important question and i wish you can reply fast. sorry for my english i come from italy. i have rented a server, i created it but once i go to multiplayer and i put admin pasword it say it's wrong. i cheked out a lot of time but it's alwais wrong

  7. Quick question only because I completely lost our entire map. We had 8 people 4 farms and we got on tonight and everything was GONE! So we decided to restart on Haut. I'm using the same server you are. How do I create server back ups? Can I automate that process?

  8. When setting up a server I keep getting "Error: TextInputElement loading specified "maxInputTextWidth" is too small (0.1510) to display needed data" and "Could not register at friends server: #10002" any idea how to fix this?

  9. How do I fix a game log file error on the server you recommended? I followed your video exactly and got into my server once , and then had to log out due to forgetting a mod , and now I can’t get back and keep getting the error message on the server . I’ve tried removing all mods and restarting but I’m getting no where .

  10. Love your videos. Rented a server and al working fine exept one thin. When I upload a mod and put it in the mod folder the game stil says its unavavible. I do not play crossplay. Hope you have a solution.
    Farm on from sweden

  11. Hi i have a question @farmer Klein. i set up the server and everyone is able to connect to the server with out any issues. but when i try to link them the mods download link no one can access the site. how can i fix this,

  12. Been looking at doing this for awhile now and have watched your vids since well before FS22 dropped so I WILL be USING YOUR LINK sir because your content is AWESOME and VERY much appreciated. Hello from Texas and thanks for all you do! Keep on farmin'!

  13. So I just rented a server and I’m on console, also did it on my iPhone, it was giving me a url to follow and my phone won’t load the page, if I just punch that in to any computer will it let me access my panel to start the game up?

  14. Question… I have rented my server through game servers and I have my farm linked up this tutorial was absolutely perfect…. but I don't always like to play online… if I play offline and save my progress will it transfer to my server? I only play with 1 other person so no one would be playing online while I'm offline

  15. I used your link. man do i have to say i absolutely hate game servers the customer service for me has been terrible. Every day my game doesn't appear on the master list. I would not recommend this service

  16. Any ideas why my server keeps crashing today? But its been fine the past two days. Just random disconnects and then the server isn't in the list after until I stop it and start it again.

  17. The servers for this game are trash and extremely unreliable. Most of the time you can’t even connect to any kind of server if you can even connect to the farming sim server themselves. Do not recommend this game might as well just stick to FS19


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