Setting up a Private Dedicated Server on your own network – Farming Simulator 22


This video covers the steps you need to take to setup your own private dedicated server running on a secondary computer at your home or other private network. This will require you to have two different copies of the game as you can not play MP on the same activation code as the server.

Intro: 0:15
Minimum hardware requirements: 3:26
Configure Dedicated Server: 4:21
Configure Firewall on Dedicated Server: 6:25
Port Forward on your local network: 8:20
Login to Web Interface and starting the server: 10:57
Connecting to your dedicated server within the game: 12:48

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  1. Great video worked a treat, do you know how to get external users to access the web interface, I can do it locally no problem, I have added a web user but what would be the URL or where to get it from

  2. Hey Farmer Klein. Great video. I am having 1 issue. I get to loading the server from the web portal and it all loads normally until it gets to saying i have joined the game. It doesnt come up. Do you know what i could be doing wrong?

  3. any idea why my server refuses to appear in the server list i have every port farming sim related possible allowed int he firewall i have infact had the fire wall entirely disabled and still no luck there is no hardware firewall/router in place it should be open to the world but alas i still cannot get my server to appear in the server list

  4. This is the only game I've seen where a game charges that much extra just to be able to host a dedicated server. Server files should always be free / be included with the price of the game.
    Luckily, I see another option to host dedicated which is free.

  5. Thanks for this video, I have done al of this already and you confirmed what I have done. You can notice that the fields are being drawn in on the dedicated server which hopefully Giants will fix, but I'm sure it also did this on FS19. I'm not sure if you have the same but if I run the server empty for a while the server closes, I haven't seen any option that causes this so I'm hoping this will also be fixed in a patch.

  6. Went through the entire process and got to connecting to the server to realize I needed a 2nd copy. Honestly a stupid oversite for the game to need 2 copies to run the server. Id rather buy a friend a 2nd copy.

  7. first off great guide, but there is something that needs to be mentioned. you ONLY need to forward the port 8080 (web port) if you want to be able to access the server manager from OUTSIDE your LAN, meaning from the internet. Meaning, if your are at a friends house and want to be able to switch to another save game of change any other configuration. if you don't need that, then only forward the game port from the dedicated server config file. When it comes to network security you don't just forward ports because you hear it in a YT video, you need to know what it is your forwarding and if you actually need that and if it should be avoided in your specific case, and only you can make the proper decision for your case by knowing that if you don't want to you don't need to forward it. Only the gameport is actually needed.

  8. i get the error "could not register at friends server: #10002

    [27/Nov/2021:20:51:00] Could not inform friends server about server URL: #10002" in the server logs. Server could start.
    Any Advice on this one ? Firewalls on both computer and Router are open. Would be appreciated 🙂

  9. Hi. I have bought an exra computer and 2 copys of fs 22 so I can play with my son on the same map. Do i need to get an 3the computer and a 3the copy of fs22 as server so we can play together?


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