“RIVERVIEW FARM“ FS22 MAP TOUR! NEW MOD MAP | Farming Simulator 22 (Review) PS5.


“RIVERVIEW FARM“ FS22 MAP TOUR! NEW MOD MAP | Farming Simulator 22 (Review) PS5. Map by: CavalierRoy. New to Console! GIANTS Software. What do you start with on New Farmer? What do you start with in Farm Manager and Start from Scratch modes? How many slots does it use? What features stand out? All these questions and more, answered with me… MrSealyp.

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  1. Out of all the Riverview map reviews, yours is by far the best. The others either waffle on, or make it all about themselves, or drive with the camera view 500ft in the air. Thanks for showing me this map. I just started it this evening. Subbed.
    ps. I couldn't understand for the life of me, why I had no vehicles, no access to the buildings and no clue at all. I then realised I had to buy the land. I can't even use the Noob excuse either, seeing as I also own FS13, 15 and 19. Lol

  2. Another beautiful map these modders are amazing. Another great tour can’t wait to play this one.
    I’d love to see some non US and European maps. China or India maybe wood be cool

  3. Thank you for the map review much appreciated bud, its funny as you was talking about the cartridges and you drove past one on the way to the pig farm lol. The helium deer was a nice touch, light meet hahaha. They're very special deer around these parts, no one knows quiet where they came from but the are a delicacy the locals love and people visit come see them and some come to try their light tender meet.

  4. Like this map …in single player fine but in coop I'm having a mod that keeps auto installing but then needs an update , the it restarts but ask for the mod to install again. If I remember I'll add the mod in an edit to this post.

  5. I downloaded this map lastnight and i absolutely love it. It just feels good you know. Looks beautiful! The farm is practical , there's so many little lanes and cut throughs it's awesome. Thankyou mr sealy p your videos are truly original and so insightful you are a fs legend in my eyes 🤘

  6. "Helium deer, very light meat!", Indeed, you've got to get to the butcher's quick to pick some up.. it's literally flying off the shelves.. 😁

    Really nice looking map this, always glad to see you do a map tour MrSealyP! I thought this one looked strangely familiar and after reading some of the comments I rather suspect I may have played or at least looked at a previous version! Always good to have returning maps and nice British inspired ones to boot!

  7. I couldn't wait for the review, but it's fun to watch MrSealyP after you've opened up a farm too! I really appreciate the time he puts in to give us his insight on maps, mods, processes and all that. I've got about 13 hours on Riverview Farm so far….racing to get the oat and wheat done. I do seasons (4 days per month) and I'm using Precision Farming on this map too. I also use helpers extensively in my role play, and this one's AI responds very well in that regard. I'm very impressed so far. I don't just use them in the field, but also for helping to move equipment to and from the field, the store, sell points, the home farm, etc. Great map and it's a beauty!

  8. As you showed us around I was thinking that it seemed familiar. Then you showed the Newbie Farm sign and it dawned on me. I played Newbie Farm 17.
    The ability to cut out the hedges is a great thing.

  9. I was ok and grinning right until you say "they popped" and I lost it. You are informative and FUN. Thank you. I did see a pair running down the river by the boat docks, right on top of the water.

  10. Hubby and I just started this map! (separately) and very happy with it so far! and yes, more happy when I saw your review! so, he is right now playing while I am watching you…and shouting any tips and info to the hubster! Thank you P! this is soooo helpful! loving this new map! kudos to modder CavelierRoy! and you for taking the time to review!

  11. Maybe it was just me, but I had an issue delivering the harvest to the grain mill using the semi provided in the contract. With a full trailer it stalled on the steep hill multiple times and was quite the adventure to complete the contract.

  12. Yes, this is the second map I have been playing with Santa’s reindeer up in the trees. There is a LOT of driving around to get around this map but, it has actually been a nice change of pace from the normal rush to earn money. Great starting equipment variety to get everything done right from the start. The only negative I’ve found so far was with fields #7 & 8. I was trying to use precision farming and avoiding plowing BUT, I couldn’t plant anything in those with direct drill or a normal seeder until I plowed those plots. No idea why but the only other time I’ve seen that was in a couple fields on Stone Valley in FS19. Otherwise it’s a great map. Thanks for another in depth review sir. Everything you do is a “must see” for me even if I’m already playing on the map!

  13. A little background on the Newbie Farm sign. Prior to FS19 this map was known as Newbie Farm. It was anything but a map for 'newbies' to the game. The map was very difficult with collisions on all hedges with narrow lanes, tight field entrances and extremely low crop prices made it very hard to make a going on the map. At the maps hart its an edit of the FS11 base map and has existed in every version of FS since then finally now in FS22 available for all platforms.

  14. This is why I watch your reviews. I have been playing on the map and hadn’t seen the other farms.

    Also, did you know that Giants have ‘fixed’ cows. We now have dairy and meat breeds that work correctly.

  15. Enjoying this map until I tried to add extra chicken coops. Message advised too many animal pens. Solution is to purchase the three other farms, sell their animal pens then sell the actual farms. Win win all round as you gain money from the sales and able to add more pens at your main farm. Good video MrSP.

  16. Good morning Mr Sealyp. Hope your holiday was everything you hoped it would be.🤗 I am so glad you did this tour. I love watching your tours. Your tours have tons more info than anyone elses. I'm still giggling about the "helium deer", "light and airy meat". 🤣😂🤣 Good thing I wasn't drinking my morning coffee when you said that. I didn't realize there are 4 farms to choose from and that they are quite varied with animal pens. Thank you for the tour. Have a wonderful week. Hugs to all.


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