"Red River Valley" New Mod Map Tour in Farming Simulator 19


NEW MOD MAP FOR FARMING SIMULATOR 19! This is a tour of the new mod map in Farming simulator 19 called Red River Valley. This map was created by DJ Modding.

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  1. Anybody know how to use the silo system? I am starting at the "starter farm" and I think you need to use an auger to unload into the silo but the game shows that I have zero storage for normal crops. Trying to deposit dried corn but it wont let me.

  2. This map is great! I had some problems to find the triggers on the custom cow farm that you have when starting as new farmer. Straw and food seems to be the same trigger point, but I still haven't found where to input water. Not sure about where the output for milk, manure and slurry are either, but I just got some cows so maybe it will reveal itself when they start producing. Anyone found all the triggers and could help me out?

  3. I just got the notification for this. But I'm curious, before I go "wasting" my time, is this PC only given that it's not on modhub? And if it's available for console, any idea how I'd go about getting it onto my Xbox?
    I'll prolly watch this anyway, just cuz the extra view & 👍 add up to something for FC

  4. Tried to download map when I click on download takes me to another page when I click on download file now another page pops up one time asking me to purchase antivirus another time takes me to a sports popup webpage

  5. Well what a map this is, I wasn't going to bother with any more FS19 content because wanna keep me fresh for FS22, and wasn't going to play around with productions but this map has got me interested so I might give it a go (well I have downloaded it and the requirements) Thanks for sharing.

  6. Excellent review. Peaked my interest, so I downloaded. Thank you for the link. Awesome work by DJ Modding. Excitedly awaiting your next content. Great you are having coffee again 🙂 Hope you feel better soon, FC.


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