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The goal of this mod is to make the game feel more realistic and
customizing the vehicle for the task more rewarding.
The goal is to make the mod universal.
This mod supports multiplayer and dedicated servers.
No changes in XML is needed. Some data from XML is overwritten!

In the base game many vehicles does not take tiretype into consideration making for example
the Manitou MC18 Forklift recive the same tire friction as a tractor.
This mod fill the missing data based on tiretrack index making it universal.
Different tiretypes now act completely different on different ground types and
suffers differently on rain and sinking into the ground.

This mod supports the 4 standard tiretypes: MUD, STREET, OFFROAD and CRAWLERS!
Calculates friction based on size of tire making wide tires, duals and tracks worth the money for
heavy fieldwork but the narrows suffers making it ideal for easier tasks in later growth state.
Tire friction is calculated using width and radius.
Track friction is calculated using width and track lenght.
Adds rolling and sideway resistance meening:
– More wheel load, small tires and soft ground = more force needed for pulling or pushing.
– Less wheel load, large tires and hard ground = less force needed for pulling or pushing.
– Front axel is no longer by default locked when a frontloader is attached.
– Deformation of tires is increased.

Added support for “REA Dynamic dirt”, driving into standing water
created by “REA Dynamic dirt” decrease friction and increase sink of wheels.
– Corrected error where moving speed of wheel was measured in the wrong position
– Added digging of wheels
– Ground wetness is slowed down to get a more even transition from dry to wet.
– Ground wetness is saved to avoid restart of ground wetness after loading of game.

Game Farming Simulator 22
Manufacturer None
Category Gameplay
Author 900Hasse
Size 25 KB
Released 08.03.2022
Platform PC/MAC

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  1. Some issues with this mod, some trailers will lose traction completely when loaded and will start sliding around on their own. Also, pulling anything with pickups will be ridiculously hard.

  2. im missing a part at some point. the "benchmark" is well made but really would love to see some semi truck driving on the field (Harvested) or smaller tracktors hauling bales. the 2 points i mentioned are the most interesting point since i had the mod in the fs 19 and it failed exactly there.

  3. Only issue I've found with it so far is the hydrostatic John Deere harvester mentioned in a previous mod video leaves itself too low to operate effectively if any ground sinkage does occur. Not sure if the same occurs with other harvesters (approved on Modhub or not), but it's quick an easy to disable and re-enable after harvest is done.

  4. One concern is it states that it overwrites the games xml files, what would happen if you decided that you no longer wanted the mod activated would the games original xml files be re-instated or would they stay modified and perhaps cause potential problems when de-activated. P.S. Thanks for a very well thought out demo, really don't know where I would be without these detailed reviews that you do.

  5. Hey FK, if you ever expand on this it'd be interesting to see how water affects the tractor race. Thought I read on the modder's Github that ground moisture will affect traction as well, further that weather conditions would affect ground moisture.

    I'll admit the tree stuck throws me mostly in the staying stuck dynamic. Sure in the rain you might get stuck in deep but a nice calm sunny day the tractor I would think shouldn't have a huge issue getting loose.

  6. Guess this is the best we can get until they add dynamic ground. Will put this on my must have-list 🙂
    Weird with the tracks going so slow, would be fun seeing them in a steeper or softer terrain.

  7. Awesome vid and thx for translating the description to plain English. When I read the description on modhub I only suspected it will work like that but wasn't sure if I'm right. After this I am:) Thx:)

  8. I'm glad this mod actually made it to FS22, it makes it that much more realistic imo, I think it was FS17 or 19 when I found and used this and it certainly changed your mind whether to disk a field in the rain or not lol.

  9. I'm surprised Tracks didn't go faster, I thought the extra surface area would benefit its top speed more. Unless the friction it generates from said surface area actually hinders it…


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