PREMIUM POTATOES! FS22 | PREMIUM NEW MODS! | (Review) Farming Simulator 22 | PS5 | 7th April 2022.


PREMIUM POTATOES! FS22 | PREMIUM NEW MODS! | (Review) Farming Simulator 22 | PS5 | 7th April 2022. Modhub. GIANTS Software. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb to download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Placeable Borderstones/Flowerpot By: AgrarDani, Lizard 8 Bale Trailer
By: Kastor [d-s-agrarservice], Horse Stable With Paddocks By: SirSim, Trailer Bi-train Cotton Bales Autoload By: SrVertex/ZT MODDING/AgroTonho, Elho LK 215
By: Farmari99, Krone Swadro 395 By: BGamer003, Lizard Selfmade Tow Truck
By: AgroTron Modding, Liquid Manure And Digestate Drying By: AndreasK85 (D-S-Agrarservice) & Seedpotato Farm By: Dazed.


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  1. We accidentally found an easy way to fill the potato sorting machine without a belt. We had a mod silo near the shed and dumped our potatoes in there because we had no money to buy a belt. Turns out if you start the sorting plant and dump you potatoes in a silo it automatically brings it to the sorting machine. So you actually don’t need the belt.

  2. Well I tried my Xbox S version last night and well all I can say it keeps crashing , I guess the mods are causing issues with the older systems. Glad I have it on my P.C. and I have ton's of mod's . I like my Xbox version because of the Classen add on it came with that , it is a really versatile tractor. with all the extras it will use, It is a real shame I have to pay for it on steam .

  3. For the liftable mod, I been having problem where if I activate the mod I will spawn infinite pallets on my greenhouse is this something that I’m doing wrong or is it the mod, e.i I have 1200 worth is strawberry in my greenhouse storage and I would lift the pallets out and new ones would spawn but the mount I have in storage won’t go down it just keeps spawning infinite amounts. If anyone know how to fix this I would appreciate it 🙂

  4. Hmm the potatoe bagging production doesn't work in my game… The boxes do not empty themselves when I put them in it. Doesn't recognize it as material.
    Already tried everything that came into my mind, nothing seems to be working.

  5. I got excited about this potato shed/sorter thought e finally had a mod that gave potatoes a purpose. Unfortunately I feel it does not come up to scratch and from reading the description in the modhub it appears the cause is giants again with their patch 1.3 the broken lot of mods. I found the only way I could get the potatoes to load into the sorter was to use a potato crate on fork lift and position over the hopper. Did get the big hopper belt into position and could get spuds into it but they simply refused to unload into the sorter hopper. I guess this is the bit that got broken by the patch ! Even if that did work I think this would remain a novelty mod or only useful on a small farm I don’t think it would be workable with a harvest of let’s say 500,000 litres. I play 4x or 16x maps and some fields of potatoes have brought in 3 or 4 million litres cant imagine processing that at 2000 litres per crate at present or even with 20000 capacity.
    But hey the concept is great and my congrats to the author and I hope they are able to resolve the giants inflicted bug.
    The cotton trailers great a godsend. I just harvested a very large cotton field in excess of 700 bales, without these trailers which where released the very day I harvested the field otherewise I it was 3 bales at a time to convey to destination. I found if the trailers are fully loaded then the auto unload works , but like a number of auto load trailers I have used so far if not fully loaded they just release on the trailer and do not unload. I am not convinced this auto load and unload in fs22 is up to the quality of fs19 yet.

  6. Hi Mr Sealyp, another great video. Been waiting for the potato sorting barn to come on console. Wow this is absolutely amazing. I have the same issue myself with the hopper not emptying onto grading belt. The potato bagging is brilliant too hopefully Dazed will maybe update the mod and fix the hopper sooner rather than later. What would make another great addition to fs 22 potatoes is de stoning as that is what most potato growers do nowadays. Grimmer do a full assorted equipment already a Bed former is used first then a rider and then a de stoning machine goes along and the stones are deposited where the tractor runs and away from the drills of the potatoes and when harvesting no stones comes out with the potatoes. They could add this to the potatoes system would be great and so realistic. Keep up you great work love your uploads.

  7. Great potato pack mod, my industrial bakery must be glitched it won't stop spawning bread & does not use any flour while pumping out bread. I have a sell point next to the spawn area & I got 4 million $$$ had to stop as I was getting tired lol. It started doing it after I placed a new mod next to it.

  8. Seems like the quality mods are coming out in droves this week! A properly epic selection again here with some fantastic additions and expansions to gameplay! Thankyou for taking the time to show it all off, MrSealyP!!

  9. I work at a potato factory in real life (Forklift Driver at Albert Bartlett in Airdrie Scotland) and i must say that the potato factory on here is somthing ive wanted for a long time. We even have a bagging machine but its only used for when theres orders going to ireland. So this factory is a huge step foward to how potatoes are sorted from the farm to the factory then to the shops. All it would need now is a packing facility. Were it puts potatos in shop sized bags. 😊

  10. If we had a convert of the Grimme DLC so we had some cheaper harvesting alternatives I would love the seed potato pack…but as it stands currently, potatoes are a hefty investment to begin with…

  11. Great video thank you mr p😎
    I have been long gone for fs, so off topic was called that triangle that gave the 3 point hitch or is something replaced it? Sorry guys🤷‍♂️

  12. On that potato shed it says in the description I believe that everything was working just fine until the recent update and then things went to little haywire after recent update and just to use conveyor belts for now to get it there until hopefully they can fix it for the next update.

  13. Just a question, whats the point of the fertilizer mod thingy? isnt it wasteful using 2 fertilizer option to create one? both digestate and manure are fertilizers, and u are using 2000 total for 1000 solid fert, surely thats a 1000 waste?

  14. I’m a Canadian potato farmer so love the seed potato mod glad to see potatoes getting some love! Hope to see an update to make it a little more automated! But pretty close to real life! 👍🏻😁

  15. Ever since updating the liftable pallet and using the open air garden mod from the other day all my production and greenhouses have been spawning endless amounts of stuff regardless of what storage says. I dont know if it has anything to do with those mods or not but im dumbfounded as to whats caused this.

  16. Mr SealyP, can I please ask about this issue I’m now having on Calmsden Farms. I’ve recently started this map again and I have found that I can not sell and remove the horse training equipment or sell and remove the junk yard pieces of equipment from near the chickens. Was you aware of this now and do you know how to fix this.

  17. Not only adds the potatoe production value to the product. It also gives us something to do during winter. In the winter season there was not much to do until now. You can run this facility then and sell the products in the spring.
    Great review Mr. S. 👍


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