PRECISION FARMING GUIDE – PART 3 – Farming Simulator 22


This is a video to teach you everything you need to know about applying nitrogen to your soil.

00:00 – Intro
0:44 – Nitrogen Levels
1:49 – Manure & Slurry
3:59 – Slurry Sensors
6:39 – Solid Fertilizer
8:14 – Liquid Fertilizer
9:14 – Crop Sensors
10:43 – Outro

Precision Farming:

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  1. honestly, do like how precision farming gives more options to play, but me personally, using it now, i think its a mod conflict that is happening, but when i apply any type of fertilizer, it just drains it very fast, and over a short distances, I've been trying to figure out why but im really, unsure anymore now

  2. I have been trying to get perfect score on the field. And even though I follow the steps for applying fertilizer it won’t give me the full 30 points is there something specific that needs to be done?

  3. Farmer Cop great tutorial. I did notices something with the sensors and was hoping someone could fill in the information on this. Looks as though the Giant information is say that to use the sensor the crops have to have enough green leaves to be sensed. So this leads me to believe that the sensors would only work once you hit the second growth stage or higher. Would you happen to have any information on this?

  4. now i know im not goign to attempt this.the challenge looks interesting but the reason i play these games is to just chill after a hard day's work but it is interesting to just take in the info thanks for these

  5. Maybe I missed it, if your fertilizing with slurry or manure is it possible to raise the nitrogen level too high and reduce your yield?

    Thanks for the tutorials FC, I appreciate ya!

  6. OK, so I noticed some of the equipment had a "Change Reference" adjustment (as in: Change Nitrogen Reference Value) – is this something that allows me to change my intended crop (before planting) and achieve ideal levels? So when you put liquid fertilizer on the unplanted bit of the field, it based the ideal on Wheat, was it really because the prior crop was wheat or because the "Reference" was wheat?


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