Perfect Vine Placement EVERY TIME – Farm Sim Shorts 8 – Farming Simulator 22


One of the biggest repeating questions I’ve had about grapes and olives is people’s frustration that the vines don’t have some sort of snapping grid to allow them to be perfectly aligned. Well thanks to @phalanx380 we now have a brilliant solution.

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Perfect Vine Placement EVERY TIME – Farm Sim Shorts 8 – Farming Simulator 22

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  1. Playing on Elm Creek -planted perfect straight blocks of Grapes – waited for ever to harvest – My Braud 9070L (Base game) is harvesting the grapes off the vines but it is not filling up the Braud 9070L – anyone else having the same issue?

    I have put in hours building up my farm to then have a harvester not working

  2. With this exact layout, if you use GPS, the spacing is 9.84 wide. Makes it much easier to drive up and down. Now I'm working on spacing for courseplay. If courseplays #'s were accurate, that would be easy! Also, when planting, in construction view, make sure your compass heading is 90° from the rows you want, then click one side and use left and right movement keys to draw a Laser straight perfect row. Everytime!

  3. A simpler way is use the coordinate system to calculate the size of field (coordinates are in meters), use the minimum arbor width, divide into field width, and install arbors. Watch the coordinates, and stay to minimum until the number changes. Applies to all versions, including consoles. What this means is a player needs to use basic math skills. If you don't want to maximize rows and prefer to standardize at 3m, generally you only lose two rows per field.

  4. I use a better method and modify the segment numbers in the placeables.xml in the savegame folder. One row across the top to get the width (X value), little row across the bottom to get the "depth" (Y value). The copy and paste the first line and increase the Y coord for the start and finish by 2.5. Keep going until your Y value gets close to the Y value in your little row. Delete the little row and you will have perfectly east-west (or north south) rows that are exactly 2.5m apart. Give the Landini 100 more hp and it can mulch and cultivate at the same time and can mount 2 pruners that line up with the rows near perfectly. Another bonus is that all the rows you add by pasting are free.

  5. Awesome tip, my friend! I was thinking a way to do something like that, maybe putting all around the field and then creating the other lines based on some sticks, that could work for our friends from consoles, but thank God I'm on PC, tks, mate!

  6. For us Xbox console guys I plow the field before hand which makes grooves. Now you just have to count grooves on both sides away from previous vine. Always perfectly straight

  7. There's a better way. If you have dev tools enabled you can press f4 and get a 2m grid on the ground. Just place a vine/grove every 3m (1.5 grid squares) and you're good to go. This also has the added benefit that if one row is off a small bit, the next one won't also be off. I've been able to use the GPS from vehicle control addon to nearly automate my olive and grape operations.

  8. I blew it, put length 5, instead of width. Once that was sorted it worked nearly as described. Doing Olives, the grass didn't seem have an even width, and some estimating had to happen. I've now got one or two rows that are difficult to drive the sprayer through. Not a real problem, I'll have to demolish some trees.


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