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A small US map of Pennsylvania. amish country.

Hello everyone,

This is a small US map based on Kalle’s map “Spring”. (Thanks at this point to Kalle for allowing me to use his map as a base map :thumbup:)

I simply built a US map from his map, which is in Pennsylvania.

Why Pennsylvania?

Very easily. There are the most beautiful Amish farms. Check it out on Google Maps. Find the town of Lancaster in Pennsylvania and look around.

Then you get a small impression of what great farms there are;)


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  1. Has anyone tried to buy a grain header on this map? Whenever I try to buy one it tells me there is a vehicle blocking the area. I have tried this on a fresh start with a grain header being the first purchase and the issue is still there. I can purchase other things with no problem.

  2. This deffinitly going to be mt next map after I get done with Elm Creek been looking for a next map and I believe we have found it. Thanks Farmer for showcasing this map very well done .Extra gold stars for
    your hard work very enjoyable . ⭐⭐

  3. I lived out in John Deere country (Waterloo, IA) for 3 years and I am learning the software to make maps. Kudos to the modders who can make these with great detail and take the time to add those little things that make the maps feel like someone cared when making them. I would love to be able to hurry along and skip things when learning, but I am not going to. I want to make a quality USA map eventually, and if I feel like I did a good job to share it, I'll release it. Again, these maps with all the custom buildings and such take time and effort…..give thanks to your modders, and thank you FarmerKlien for reviewing this.

  4. We dont care! Its american, its different, submit it to the modhub hahah! There are also 100rds of 3-meter cultivators why should a map be blocked if its only marginaly similar.

  5. Great review! I wish that Giants would include Rye and alfalfa as base game crops! For a dairy operation this is what is fed to cows, not just grass. With seasons on and the "green mowing mod" from FS 19 you could mow the rye in the spring for silage then mow alfalfa in summer then shop corn in the fall.

  6. Should have used real terrain from that area. The terrain there is amazing. Nice job on farm layouts except Amish barns are always white. They paint them white for a reason..

  7. Hmmm……a little bit of an inaccurate depiction with the farm house. The window curtains suggest this is an Amish home. You won't find Amish homes with air conditioners, satellite TV dishes as seen here on this house. No biggie, just sayin'.

  8. I like this map.
    It has the same "vibe" as Fruhling, and is sufficiently different to have its own character.
    I wonder if there is a mod somewhere, maybe on someone's "to-do" list, that has horse-drawn tools? That would add considerable value to a map like this, given its setting.
    The farmyard is definitely not for big equipment, it's tight, and easy to run into things.
    I was caught out by having two cattle areas in the yard, okay, I'll pay more attention before I start panicking about feeding and watering!
    I've also downloaded some smaller, and older, kit from KingsMods and Giants. I think I'm only missing a McCormick sail reaper and I'm done!
    And yeah, more than 500 map reviews of quality maps, done in an outstanding, professional manner, by the gentleman, Farmer Klein. That is a good thing.

  9. the theme of this is so good … it might be nice to see a 2.0 version that extends to a full size map, maybe include a train, an amish sawmill. and even amish carriages on the roads.

  10. My sister lives in Lancaster PA – this is pretty dang close -the only thing i would comment on is that that area has more rolling hills than are in this map, but i love the deco, the buildings, the layout! Finally an american map that I'd love to play on! Now to make a JD Black Edition pack. 🙂

  11. Chocolate, a slight oversight? Milton Hersey invented caramel and milk chocolate from fresh milk. He also started the town of Hersey, PA for his employees. Maybe they could do an Idaho map next and leave out Potatoes or Wisconsin and leave off cheese. This is the biggest faux pas you could make on a Pennsylvania map.


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