PART 2! FS22 | GIANTS NEW MODS! | (Review) Farming Simulator 22 | PS5 | 7th February 2022.


PART 2! FS22 | GIANTS NEW MODS! | (Review) Farming Simulator 22 | PS5 | 7th February 2022. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb to download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Krampe SB II 30/1070, Samson Agro PG II 20, Samson Agro PG II 25, Kverneland e-drill maxi, Kverneland 85112, Manitou MLA-T 533-145 V+, Kverneland iXter B18 & Kverneland iXtrack T4 By: GIANTS Software.


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  1. Loving the content as always. I know you think this should be base game but on that point I disagree. I like that it is optional to use if we want it but it’s not otherwise taking up what is finite resources. Though I am a PC with unlimited gigabit internet and my storage capacity is huge and theoretically limited only by my wallet, I have no interest or use for a 3 meter plow so why have it. But if I change my mind (which I am known to do on occasion) a wide variety is easily available. Your mod reviews inform me as to what looks good and interesting to me, so I know which of the new mods I want to scoop up please keep them coming

  2. About herbiciding: as soon as you turn weeds on in your game settings, you have a color representation for herbicided areas on your soil composition map (dark brown is herbicided).

  3. As much as we might grumble about the why's and how's of these Giants mods, I am glad at least for the extra options and diversity of equipment that they offer. I loved those Kverneland sprayers from the DLC in FS19 and they've definitely retained all of their charm with the conversion! It's probably just me but I swear the name of that Manitou sounds like an old 90s fax machine designation lol!

  4. IRL the difference with the Krampe trailers is that the standard in game is designed for road transport. It has narrow tires compared to today's mod, which has wide tires. The mod would not sink in on soft ground as the standard in game one would do. Of cause in the game it makes no difference unless you go for ultra realistic.
    And because of its articulation the Manitou as well as the Schäffer doesn't classify as a telehandler but as a telescopic wheel loader. Just as the JCB TM420, which is still missing in the game

  5. They need to make the game more stable before adding more crap into the game. I have two different maps going, one on PC and one on PS4 Plus, and in both the game gets really wonky around the time I've acquired 12 or so vehicles and put up some barns/fencing/silo's. It's not as unstable on PC (i5 9600k/RTX2060 6gb) and doesn't crash as often, but still goes down when ever I've got a few workers in fields near my farm.
    On PS4 Pro, it's totally unplayable. Tried games with zero mods and once I get a few harvesters, 4-5 tractors, front/skid/wheel loader, and a couple semi's to haul grain the game will start crashing every 10-15 min, often right when I'm trying to save. Going into the shop to buy seed/fertilizer seems to be a huge trigger for crashing as well. I've even tried using 4 of the same tractor, and anytime I have more than one of a given implement I'll buy the exact same thing to keep the slot count down. Doesn't matter. I've done everything short of a factory reset to troubleshoot it, and it never crashes in any other game, so it's not the PS4, it's FS22.
    Works great if I limit myself to only growing grain crops, and only have a couple tractors and a semi. But if you want to farm grain/root (or cotton) and also have animals, it's a sh*t show. I'm sure it's better on PS5, but I'm not paying $800-$1000 for a $400 console.

  6. Did they remove the hoses from the I-xter sprayers that would connect the front tank to the rear tank? It was something they added to the Kverneland sprayers in the DLC in 19, but it seems that detail was not brought forward to 22

  7. Nicely done as always MrSealyP! Nothing in this batch to get all that excited about, but at least the mods are coming through with some consistency now.

    I'm not a big fan of articulated steer tractors/machines either, cuz they're a bugger to navigate without lookin like a kindergartener driving the dadgum thing. Maybe one of our fellow farmers knows a rule of thumb to help us get better operating them?
    Again, superb review, thanks for taking the time to do a thorough review

  8. Thanks Mr sealyP 👍
    The slots aren’t that bad, considering we have more to use and let’s not forget we used to get high 50’s on FS19.
    Stay safe and well 🖖

  9. MrSealyp, I was amazed that any production factory etc you place becomes a selling point for contracts that you do.. potatoes to a supermarket, silage bales to the biogas plant.. on calmsden..


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