ORGANIC OUTSOURCING – No Mans Land – Episode 20 – Farming Simulator 22


Welcome to my hard core survival gameplay on No Mans Land where I will struggle to make it with starting debt and nothing to my name but a plot of land.

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  1. Hey FC, just a quick one, if you have flight mode active it won’t let you get into vehicles as the E key is mapped to flight mode as well as enter vehicle so you have to turn Flight off first then it will allow you to get into vehicle. Great vids

  2. Hi FC pleas can i have an animal market because you want sheep and this is a way for you to get them the story would be a man called Toby Jones came from a farming back round but his perents sold the farm when he was a chiled so when he grew up he whent to get his farm started but got mistaken as an arcshener and he had fun seling animals so he made it his career and now wants to start a animal market in no mans land

  3. Hey FC, my name is Zac and I am a lumberjack. My family just moved to No Man's Land to continue our lumber business Zac's lumberjacks. We offer tree services and equipment/machinery rentals. We offer 15% to 20% lower leasing prices on all foresty equipment and machinery.

  4. Hey fc Stafford here and 50 is fine by me also the truck and trailers paid for so if you need to borrow it anytime is fine just help out with fuel and ill be happy. Its always good to have good neighbors and helping each other out is a farmers motto buddy. Also yes ive been a member for awhile fc for sure since late 2020 I believe or early 2021. Lo e the episode and hope my farm can help you out.

  5. Hey there farmer cop, I’m from No Man’s Land in an alternate universe (feel free to check out my channel). We’ve had a rough year here and could use 15 Hay bales to feed our small sheep flock. I believe I’ve found a wormhole in the upper corner of land plot 1 where you could drop the bales. And I’ll send 10% over the going rate back through! Thanks for the help.

  6. Hey F.C. My name is Joe. My business partner and I, own a few butcheres and processing facilities in the south called called 11 Bang Bang Processing.

    A little information about the business, started in 2014, by 2 U.S. Army Veterans, both infantry purple heart awarded soldiers. We have a dream of focusing on the local communities that we serve. We process farm raised, such as cattle, pig, sheep, even chickens or legally harvested wild animals: deer, elk, bison, even alagator for our southern states. You have to try our gator jerky if you get a chance to visit.

    We will process meat for individuals, our buy meat in bulk to sale in our stores.

    We are looking to expand the company expand in new markets, and we are interested in your growing and expanding community, and loon forward to seeing and being apart of the growth and development of this young town.

  7. Hello Farmer Cop,

    My name is Austin. I'm twenty years old and looking to be employed as a farmer's helper. I was born and raised in Oklahoma, where I lived on a farm owned by my grandfather and managed by my father. I was riding in tractors when I was still in diapers and learned how to operate a tractor before my age hit double digits. My families farm raised wheat. So I am very proficient at running all of the equipment needed to grow and care for it….except for the harvester. As I said wheat, harvest in early spring, I was always in school when the harvest came and so I never got a chance to learn how to run one. I can drive one from point A to point B in a pinch, but I shouldn't be let free in a field in one.

    I want to move to no man's land because I see the potential for lots of farming in the future, and farmers need helpers. I know the farming is still getting off the ground, and work will be slow at first, but I took a part time job at a local shop until the farming picks up. As such I will need to be off my equipment by 3:30pm each day so I can freshen up and get to my evening shift by no later then 4pm.

    I hope to be of service to you if you need the help.

    Best wishes,

  8. Hey Farmer Cop,
    As the owner of the tax office in town I would like to extend an offer of my services to you. As it was just April, which we all now is tax season, and I noticed you did not pay any taxes. My fee is $100 (then you have to pay gov. some amount) or I will also work for a straw bale since I am planting some grass.
    Steven Jones

  9. Soooo this episode could be called "Chocolate Milk and Blame DarinTroll"…

    But with all that "glitchiness" i think You just have too many vehicles in one place. Maybe try to get rid of few, You could say some drove off to another place together with the MOC.


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