NOT WHAT I EXPECTED BUT A GOOD DAY | Calmsden Farm | Farming Simulator 22 – Episode 14


Welcome to Calmsden Farm for Farming Simulator 22 ! It’s a very high quality map by Oxygendavid

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Stone Crushing Lime Production With Lights And Solar Panels

LIZARD Subsoiler 6MT/9MT


Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. You'll need to clean the contacts on your pedals I had the same problem with mine, just do a search on YouTube and you'll find a video on how to do it!

  2. I'm in Scotland and I just want it to snow already to get it over and done with, it's been trying to snow for weeks not, this morning it was that snow and rain stuff, I'm like just snow already you know you want to lol, it's so cool as well I feel like am sanding in font of my freezer with the door open lol

  3. The lights looks great, but there is a mod that allows the light to travel further, it looks really good and would probably make night time works look even better in your videos, maybe you could try it out your self and make a comparison?

  4. To fix your pedal issue:
    Undo the screws from the bottom of the pedals, take a can of compressed air and spray away all the dust in there that causes the pedals to stick/drift/creep. Attach the screws again and it should be fixed, I had the same issue

  5. Just watched your video on knaveswell farm from FS 15, I would watch that series whenever I could and now I’m watching this. You inspired me to play back when 15 was out and I was like 6 now I’m 13 and still love watching your videos! You’ve came such a long way and I’ve loved being here to watch you progress. Have a good day and keep up the great work daggerwin!!

    – Much love, Ryan hill ❤️


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