New Mods! Thornton Farm, 711 Skid Steer, Flexicoil, & More! (15 Mods) | Farming Simulator 22


New Mods! Thornton Farm, 711 Skid Steer, Flexicoil, & More! (15 Mods)
New Mods & Updates FS22 – Farming Simulator 22
FS22 Modhub –

Total Mods – 15
All Platforms – 6 New, 3 Update
PC & Mac – 4 New, 2 Update

0:00 – Intro
0:08 – Mod List
0:50 – Thornton 22 Revamp
4:15 – Skid Steer Loader 711
5:54 – New Holland/Case Headers
6:40 – Flexicoil ST820 Multi
8:34 – Potato Production
9:59 – Logistics Center
10:45 – Nova Estancia
11:01 – Massey Ferguson 57/67S
11:18 – Bale Capacity
12:00 – Timber Valley
13:42 – Marston 22′ Bale Trailer
14:51 – Fueltank Emiliana
15:24 – Clear Traffic Jams
15:49 – Production Revamp
16:59 – Bale Capacity Addon
17:49 – Outro

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  1. I tried something a little different in the intro, explaining exactly what I would be doing in the video. Do you like this, or go back to short, sweet, and to the point?
    No News Vid Today! (I didn't sleep well and waking up at 5am wasn't an option today) So here's a let's play from Griffin!
    *Note – GH66Mods forgot to credit Jos Modding in the description of his mods in reference to Liftable Bales Mod. It will be added in the next update. 🙏

  2. Thornton Farm was one of my absolute favourites, I have such a soft spot for british maps simply because they're just… really well made and a joy to play on because of it. a lot of the american style maps end up feeling a little lazy since usually instead of detail they just have a handful of enormous maps with the same tree copy and pasted around them and some stock asset roads… not a recipe for excitement in my book.

  3. Hey DJ! Love your content sir. I pretty well watch you daily.
    I have two questions for you in regards to FarmSim.

    Will we ever see Buck’s County?
    Any updates on the square body Chevy (lizard) truck from our TLX modder?

  4. I have a notification about field 8 on Thornton farm. Will you let giants know, dj? I can't contact them. Field 8 has stones that you can't roll over or pick up. Also, it would be nice to have the capability to delete the junk and the sheds we want to delete.

  5. can you delete hedges on new map. i think they are the most annoying thing on a map other than a non collision town trying to get over sized mods on your field from vehicle shop on ps4


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