NEW groundworks that will be in Farming Simulator 22

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  1. This looks just like FS19 but just in slightly higher resolution. Rocks on fields? What about simulating soil moisture which is the most important thing in farming. Cant believe the only effect of rain in the game is to stop you driving a machine occassionally.

  2. one thing with the stones I don't like (and maybe it will get changed or modded) is that eventually after plowing and removing the stones enough times in reality eventually there would be very few left. So I feel for realism that over time working the the same ground should turn up fewer and fewer stones.

  3. coupling this with building seasons into the base game is going to be great! simply plant/harvest cycle can get old… with ground work, precision farming, seasons, the game is going to have a nice feeling of working the fields/preparing for that harvest reward!

  4. I’ve been debating on getting a steering wheel and the whole set up for a few years, I think with the release of ‘22 it’s finally time. What’s the best one to go with or which one do you have?

  5. For any is us that worked on a farm in real life this will all be old hat to us and we will now without checking anything on the map.but for all those that have not farmed in real life you will need to look at the map

  6. It would be nice if they improved the field stages or at least found a way to make using different implements worth it. It always bugged me that there were hundreds of varieties of implements that all did the same thing with no benefits over one another. Such as using slurry vs liquid fertilizer vs solid fertilizer. Felt like a lot of tools became obsolete and there was really only one universal way to do something efficiently and cost effectively.

  7. I still have two questions regarding the ground working:

    1. Are there going to be other angles of texture other than increments of 45°? I'm so sick of having natural looking fields, and then when I go to plow or sow or whatever, the angle of my grain just harshly cuts in one direction or the other

    2. Can we perhaps use those stones to retexture the ground without having to go into the landscaping menu and use the paintbrush?

  8. It all looks good to me. I hope the amount of stones on a field can be altered on mod maps. But at least the stones can be turned off so you don't have lots of stones turning up in places without rock or pebble. I mean, France and the UK have places with lots of stones but we hardly have stones here in the Netherlands. Especially not in the western part.


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