NEW – Farming Simulator 22 Character Customisation Looks Great!


A quick look at the new character customization tool that is coming to Farming Simulator 22 – FS22 launches on 22nd November 2021.

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NEW – Farming Simulator 22 Character Customisation Looks Great!

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  1. This is nice, not that it really matters much but its nice… I just hope they do something about vehicle management. Having a big farm is painful unless you get a mod for it. Its a core aspect of the game and there should be a better way to do it in game other than using the map so you dont tab through every vehicle you own. Give us a way to just tab through vehicles on a specific field, or even a way to put our vehicles in a specific order to tab through. All of that should be able to be done through the map. My game performance gets pretty bad because I have to use mods for things GIANTS hasnt figured out how to do yet. Yes MODS are great but they shouldnt HAVE TO be used for core tasks like vehicles or even helper AI. Game developers are getting way too dependent on modders to fix their shortcomings. If a modder can figure it out, they should certainly be able to figure it out as well and it will improve performance.

  2. I am sooo looking forward to Fs 22 ! Big improvements in the peds area. I can hardly wait man ! One day they will have it to where we can put our own image in the game wouldn't that be awesome. Thanks for sharing this news FSG !

  3. Thank you FSG! I am hoping Giants fixes AI workers. At least they can wear their Deere track suit while they drive your X9 into and up a tree… might as well look good screwing up lol

  4. It's all just eyecandy they are showing, lets see something about better game physics, better multi-server networking and much improved syncing and a more easier to use and understand editor. There no point building a super slick look machine that runs like crap.


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