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Multi production

Price: 170,000 $
Daily maintenance: 120 $

Input: stones and water – Output: lime
Input: manure, liquid manure and wheat – Output: fertilizer
Input: fertilizer, wheat and water – Output: seeds
Input: hay, potatoes, silage and rapeseed – Output: mineral feed
Game Farming Simulator 22
Manufacturer Lizard
Category Factories
Author LSMT Modding Team Agestar
Size 1.91 MB
Released 17.12.2021
Platform PC/MAC, PS4, PS5, XB1, XBS

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  1. It indeed doesn't accept bales but does appears in baling contracts???
    And it will only cost you money in stead of making you money nor is it a cheap source of seeds or fertiltzer etc.
    It will only sell products produced, not anythuing you put in.

    On FS19 factories i'd liked to play "Can't buy recourses" It was a real fun challenge where i had to make all my own seeds fertilizer and lime etc without buying annything. With this factory it's a too big a challange.

    tinker around with this factory if you like (i did) but when you realise what it's costing you to operate this the fun will be over and you'l be wanting to get rid of it.
    Your WAY better of buying your recourses.

  2. Yeah, sadly I've already looked at this mod and it's input requirements are way too high to make it worthwhile. Especially the mineral feed which is hugely expensive and does not actually do anything for milk production.

  3. Factories are a great addition to any map, I haven't played without them since 2017.BUT for most of them to be worth the bother you do have to edit them, the input output rates most come with usually make it cheaper to just buy the product

  4. Ah, the "Jack-of-all-Trades" factory. Was kinda expecting these factory types. Fertilizer and Mineral Feed seems a little under-producing. Would like to see the yields bumped up a little more so you would have -500 loss to what is inputted.

  5. I have also had issues with those abi water tanks. My issue has been getting water in them. So far the only way I have found that works is from the base game water tank. I have yet to find a trailer that will take on water from a stream or pond… a bit frustrating.

  6. I was thinking about something like that. There are many "survival challange" series on youtube from FS 19. Why not use it in a way that you cant buy anything other than machines from shop (even diesel). Instead you have to produce all of it. Lets say there will be building that produce basic stuff like diesel and seeds from grass or wood (I know its not realistic but it is to prevent game over because no fuel). Bigger factories has better ratios and produce faster.

  7. Love the content, but you used the term "loss leader" inappropriately. Loss leaders are goods sold in stores that bring people in, in hopes that they will buy that item at a "loss", but pick up something else while they are in the store and you'll get a profit on the overall sale. You don't have to actually be taking a loss on a loss leader, but your margins can be paper thin and still consider it a loss leader because you are taking a loss on profit to lead the consumer to your store.

  8. The thing I am curious about is the prices it sells for if set to auto sell. It looked like you got a massively higher price for the goods if it is set to auto sell. Would have to run the numbers to see if the auto sell price for the finished goods is higher than the ingredient costs + running costs of the plant.

  9. Can't say its worth it or not, but one thing people have to realize that that the ROI on productions is VERY bad if you don't have enough product to make that factory chug atleast half the year, if not more. Having one small wheat field, saving your earnings for several years just to buy a Grain Mill is a BAD idea. Land, to make more wheat, has a far better ROI in that particular case. Having a single factory doing multiple options is definitely appealing for that matter, and therefore might be the mod author's intention. Plus, it uses far less land than having 2-3 different factories doing the same thing. Productions are certainly meant for end game, and maybe mid-game depending on how diverse your crops are (not diverse, midgame, more diverse lategame – but diverse crops will net you more money as you never flood the market with crops).

  10. It don't matter if you make the fertilizer yourself, it's still not worth it to use it to make seeds. With those sell prices you could sell the fertilizer and buy back twice as much seed, or use it on your fields.

    IMO the only useful production in there is the fertilizer. Even tho the input is huge you could still fertilize more ground with 1000 liter of fertilizer than you could with 1000l manure, 500l slurry and 1000l digestate combined.

  11. Yeah values are all wrong the lime should be swapped so 1000 stone and 500 water, fertiliser shouldnt need all 3, and considering the prices for seeds to take 1000 fert which sells for double the seeds it would make as for the mineral feed well it is just an additive but again you would need to compare value vs cost the idea of these factories is to have an option of making your own that takex effort in exchange for a cheaper alternative

  12. Hello FK. It's a good concept but those numbers need tweaking badly. As it stands now, it just seems a "something different to do" mod that serves no real purpose.


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