Multi-Million Dollar Farm Build on Western Wilds | Farming Simulator 22


We’re building mountains and moving rivers on this crazy farm build on Western Wilds. Almost bit off more that we bargained for on this build but it’s coming together and might just be the most amazing farm build to date!

Western Wilds Playlist is here:

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  1. hello. I just got back into the game. took out a loan, got 1 tractor, the semi with a new tipper, a better header, a plow and a few other things. any advice to help me get more tractors and a better harvester? (I have about 6 or 7 hours on this save already)

  2. boo 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 who even likes this 🤣 😂 💀 😑 🙄 😭 🤣 😂 💀 😑 🙄 😭 🤣 hahahhahhahahaahhahahah lol 🤣 this youtube chanel is poop 💩 😑💩 🍦 💩 🍦 💩 🍦 💩 🍦 💩 🍦 💩 🍦

  3. No way this is farming simulator wtf! Bro I thought it was a game u sat on a farm and drove tractors -.- this looks awesome and I can now see why some ppl I know have thousands of hrs. Might have to get it!


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