MORE Secret Tractors & Equipment For Farming Simulator 22!


MORE Secret Tractors & Equipment
FS22 – Farming Simulator 22

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0:00 – Intro
0:31 – Overview
1:16 – Vehicles
8:25 – Harvesters
10:16 – Equipment
25:43 – Misc
26:15 – Outro

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  1. The Potatoe Harvester from Grimme is more than twice the capacity of the one in FS19 which is a welcome change. Its pretty grusome playing by yourself and harvesting Potatoes you spend half the time driving the truck up to unload it since it only carried 9900 litres of potatoes. Also its nice they added some beet and potato chaser bins. But what really ground by gears was that the sugar cane harvester has the ability to drag a trailer behind it but no side tipping trailers could be used with it as the blower on it would hit on it. 14:59 the game says its a auger wagon so my bet is the pipe is located on the back of the trailer. For header trailers I could never get the things to work, with the exception being the Claas combine since its trailer had a snap on feature when you hooked the trailer to the combine with the head sitting on it. I don't think the other trailers had that? So in FS19 I always used the Case IH combines as the trailer for the head was built into the head you just had to unfold it.

  2. I've just run into a FS22 preview video, and there are some yet unannounced machines in that video, among which the Mack Pinnacle, a JCB telehandler and the Berthoud spraying equipment. The video's title is Farming Simulator 22 – Przegląd maszyn, dostosowanie i tablice rejestracyjne ! but it doesn't come with subtitles sadly.

  3. DJ, is it me or is the Samson "Vehicle" entry odd? There is nothing anywhere on their official site of a vehicle. Do you think this is them launching something new that FS22 will showcase?

  4. The X9 John Deere Combine is confirmed? Like it should be, as it is in the Cinematic Trailer. I'm assuming all vehicles that are showcased in the cinematic trailer, will be in the game.

  5. I have seen a similiar mod Saphir GS 603 By VertexDezign in 19. I believe that APV GK 300 M1 Full Edition is similiar to above mod. Hope this helps. Y'all have a pleasant week.


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