Mod Preview – Elk Mountain Modding 27 Piece Ranch Set – Farming Simulator 22


Elk Mountain Modding do some fantastic placeables and they’ve been busy converting some of their best over from FS19 to FS22. This 27 Piece set would be perfect for your small American/US farm build so head over to CJ’s page and say hi!

Elk Mountain Modding

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PC Specs
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8 Core
MSI Nvidia RTX 2080 Super 8GB
Tomahawk MAX B450 Motherboard
Corsair Vengance 32GB RAM

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Mod Preview – Elk Mountain Modding 27 Piece Ranch Set – Farming Simulator 22

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  1. Love the new mods you’ve made! Can you build a Yellowstone Dutton ranch map? I along with the other fans would beyond appreciate it! Also thank you for what you already are doing!

  2. Thanks to Elk Mountain Modding for his excellent work and for sharing.

    Thank you too my friend for your very informative videos.

    I like the whole pack but the free range animal pens is outstanding.

    This excellent mod in combine with TerraFarm Mod and Yukon Valley map

    gives us the opportunity for more contents.👍👍👍

  3. An interesting pack of mods. It would be cool to see animal peaceable like the free range cows read the field with planted (not painted) grass as the area to make the animals be. allowing you to then fence the area making it an actual sculptable area to fit your farms design. Would make it much more realistic. adding proper animal breeding and end use products like meat would tie up the ends and make it much better.

  4. I will have to get this, but I am disappointed that there are no free range horses on the map. Free range chickens and cows I am happy about; free range sheep I am ecstatic about (I'm a knitter; wool is wonderful). But, no free range horses is sad.

  5. Oh, forgot. The sheds appeared to have lights, atleast the walled ones IIRC. Did you test them? For future videos it might be nice to show buildings with lights on, in the evening to show how the lighting works out.

  6. The free-range pastures look amazing. For the animal quantity, looks like it is fair, and uses quite a large space for the high number of animals. However, when you place these, do you see a large square to indicate the range of the animal spawns? If not, it might be difficult to properly place these, especially the cows, so the animals aren't wandering over the roads or on corn fields, getting hit by vehicles or combines.

  7. that high shed is perfect for dumping tall stacks of square bales from the Arcusin Square Bale autoloader. I don't think there is really any building at the moment that can support those large stacks because of height. This one looks like it was designed for that.

  8. The gate, mechanics shop, and farm sign with the name might get tagged by Giants for self promotion – if modhub submission is planned. I would prefer it if you could somehow…put your own name in there, without modding the files yourself, if possible. But giants isn't letting David put 82 anywhere on the TLX…at all. I got that info on a stream with David…Marcell, head of Giants QA was on, and posted that they changed things to enforce this because they treated certain modders differently in FS19 – now they are strictly enforcing their rules on ALL modders. Due to the fact that they had to spent lots of time verifying if the brand was licensed, not licensed, or fake, they decided to just disallow any non-licensed brands – it speeds up mod testing – and they are spending much more effort to get even more authentic licenses in the game, coming soon.

  9. Non of the greenhouses out right now feel realistic at all, they only take water, some do take seeds and herbicides, but that's not even close to be realistic..
    I just don't understand why modders can't add seeds, water and manure to them.. That would be the right thing to do…

  10. Love this stuff, loved this stuff in FS19, already been using his house he did, amazing work as always with them.
    P.S. The bigger animal pens didn't max at 60, you can only buy 60 at a time. Was 100 for sheep and 250 for cows.


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