Massive Autoload PACK ! | 10 BEST MODS of the week! (Farming Simulator 22)


The 10 best FS22 mods of the week, here are the results:

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  1. A house like Elk Mountain house w/ rocking chairs that rock and can add others to the house in the character creator and rock w/ them on porch or play chess ect If having a managers house ect the ability to make the character in character creator. In their house. A way to change things inside and outside the house. Way to make bigger pastures for all animals. Way to move animals from pasture to pasture or in and out of orchards or crop fields. Have pigs be able to plow (turn over and weed) fields or orchards their turned out in. Let animals in leftover root crop fields for an added vitamin and mineral boost 🙂 Have alot more trees and plants to choose from. Waterfalls and way to make waterfalls. I'd like to see more animals like goats (meat and milk), ducks (meat and eggs), COLONY rabbits (meat and pelts) Turkey (meat) have existing animals sorted for meat option too. Like highland, belted galloway, angus, brahma, chianina ect for meat cows. a orchard of fruits, nuts ect pick which ever tree you want 1 by 1 use spacing and height chart to plant orchard you want! Sugar maple trees for making maple syrup and a sugar shack to make the syrup, a totally organic option with shit kickers a place for giant compost piles, a personal chipper for leaves, sticks ect you want to add to compost. Soil tests a organic way to add supplements to correct imbalances in soil (like manure, compost, peat moss, bone meal, blood meal, cottonseed meal, greensand, seaweed, fish meal ect or liquid organic foliar feed). A chart showing each crops nutrient needs N-P-K and Ph. A way to send meat animals to processing shop. And choice to take meat home or sell it to butcher. A family garden up to say 2 acres and have others in house help take care of it. The ability to use any size and height raised beds and cattle panel trellises. And can, freeze or dehydrate for family food (as 1 click option w/ amount needed per person) A tea garden, a herb garden, a bird, bee and butterfly garden. With ability to add persons own choice of available plants for each garden. Window planters. More greenhouse crops and organic way to feed them! Black fencing. Get rid of slurry and silage and what that robot feeds! I never used that stuff and never will gross! Add healthy choices for for robot like 1st bin hay, 2nd chopped up roots, pumpkins or other veggie then in last bin dry cubed alfalfa or range cubes mix w/ 1 cup mixed grains, sprinkle mixed minerals, maybe add a capful molasses. Free range chickens. Large green pastures for animals!


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