Liebherr TL, NMC Snow Bucket, & Power Pack! | Farming Simulator 22


New Mods & Mod Updates FS22 – Farming Simulator 22
Liebherr TL, NMC Snow Bucket, & Power Pack!
FS22 Modhub –

0:00 – Intro
0:21 – Liebherr TL 436-7
2:23 – Strautmann Tera-Vitesse
3:50 – Fliegl ASS 298
4:46 – Lizard Cultivator
5:44 – KUHN DELTIS 1302
6:32 – Sheds
7:54 – Bale And Vehicle Shelter
9:14 – Garden Lights Pack
9:54 – Water Fountain
10:23 – Massey-Ferguson 8700S
11:32 – Siljum Snow Bucket
12:39 – PowerPack
12:58 – Manual Combine Discharge
13:18 – Outro

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  1. New & Update mods are here! I apologize in advance, I'm VERY partial to the Liebherr TL lol
    Today's Farm Sim News! Calmsden In Testing, AutoLoad Pallets, Michigan Farms! –
    Not sure what happened with the text at the beginning for the PC Mods, but those can be found in the description! 👍

  2. The strautmann 50k forage trailer is already in the base game why are people making mods of them and how didn’t you know it’s already in game. All the mods this time round are really bad. They’re bringing in mods from FS17 that were terrible and not bothering with the decent ones from FS19

  3. We need Bleu to re add the 6R US Model with the row crops. That's my legit favorite medium tractor. I'm glad FS22 has US model options but none of the wheel options are correct. No one uses wheel straps in the US its all lugs for duals.

  4. Hey Dj. That 2 m cultivator might be a godsend to those of us who fo grades and olives. It is slightly wider than the smaller ones which you had to make two passes between the rows. Now we just need a mulcher that fits.


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