IT'S SNOWING!! CLEAR UP TIME | Farming Simulator 22 – Haut-Beyleron | Episode 57


Welcome back to my first Farming Simulator 22 let’s play on Haut-Beyleron

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  1. I owned one of these for many years. This one was for my daughter. It will do a great job on powder snow however deep, as long as you stay ahead of it. Very reliable and well built. Since it is electric It also eliminates any starting issues or the need to store gasoline. The downside is heavy, wet snow.

  2. Hey dag, I presume you’re using a steering wheel. Have you considered using the giants fs tractor control panel? I play on console so don’t know if it’s any good. But may be worth a try 🤷‍♂️

  3. Hey Dagger, been a long time lurker on the channel since FS15 I believe. Anyways, I know it might depend on the amount of views/engagement you get but let this series go as far as possible. (150 maybe? :P) I think it's certainly one of the best you've made. Much love and Happy New Year!!

  4. I was clearing snow too yesterday and after i cleared it, waited for a day and all snow just disappeared in january (i got seasons set to 28 days). Price for furniture goes up to 6,5k for 1000L or atleast thats as high as i've seen it go. Had to buy big Krone trailer and use Mack truck to get all furniture i had to sell point, my trailer and car kind of sunked into the ground under all that weight (had little bit over 56000L of furniture with about 18000L of wool and some honey, dont remember how much it was but trailer was full and Mack had a truble to pull that up hill). Also from what i know, any changes to seasons will take effect on next month. With that texture on the field i think it may still be a bug, it was happenning to DjGoHam too whenever he started on that texture.


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