IT'S FINALLY OVER! HOW DID WE DO? | Calmsden Farm | Farming Simulator 22 – Episode 22


Welcome to Calmsden Farm for Farming Simulator 22 ! It’s a very high quality map by Oxygendavid

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Stone Crushing Lime Production With Lights And Solar Panels

LIZARD Subsoiler 6MT/9MT


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  1. hey watched both series for farm sim 22 but ive noticed new videos arent in playlists anymore wasnt sure if you knew that or not but figured id let yeah know makes it alot easier to find them kept checking back says one series ends at episode 16 but just seen episode 22 is there any chance youll be adding them to playlist like you used to? not sure how it works if it can be done after uploaded or not just makes it alot easier to go to playlist an scroll down to exact episode an when episode ends it plays next in list. really enjoy both series thanks for uploading an taking time to bring us great content have great day 🙂

  2. I use Courseplay, setup and save a combine course then load the same course into the baling tractor and it follows the same route picking up most of the straw. I won't say I told you so about baling the straw and the amount per load 😊

  3. Start useing course play and auto drive, it will to everything for you. It will harvest and emptys harvester and takes crop where ever you want it to take. You can watch in youtube, in channel/user "Scroft" has very good videos how to use these modes. You need to watch from beginning from auto drive. It is supper easy after you are created roads. I have some contract mods, and i have about 10-13 contract at the moment, and about 5 vehicles working, harvesting and spraying and cultivating and so on. And they go to fields by self and start working. I just set where to go and what to do.

  4. When do you start the moteyplayer if you do do the pigs you will be looking after all year i hop you art gooing though what i am the big floods in qld you make my day have the best day ☺

  5. Im surprised that follow me isnt out yet considering they have multiple different versions of gps and courseplay 7.0 is already out. Precision farming comes out on April 19th but really hoping that follow me comes out soon.

  6. I think the fields are fine, the thing is, you don't need to pick up the straw at once, normally that can wait to dry out before it is baled up 🙂 I get it that you wan't to make it interesting, but what farmer would divide a very nice field to 3 smaller awkward fields? 🙂

  7. You change the time speed all the time, I dont know why you just dont change it to real time so you have time to get everything done. Lol

  8. For field 23, much better to access it via the roads to the north. Plenty of room for the combine to pull the header and attach it to itself. Same for field 10, the road on the south is the best start spot for combining.


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