It's Back! Guidance Steering – GPS – for Farming Simulator 22 – Tutorial


One of the standout mods for Farming Simulator 19 is back. Wopster’s Guidance Steering is a must-have for all PC players and the update for Farming Simulator 22 is better than ever!

Check it out here:

You can get Farming Simulator 22 Here –

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PC Specs
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8 Core
MSI Nvidia RTX 2080 Super 8GB
Tomahawk MAX B450 Motherboard
Corsair Vengance 32GB RAM

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It’s Back! Guidance Steering – GPS – for Farming Simulator 22 – Tutorial

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  1. idk if that is just me, but the gps dosen't stop when i am using the cruse control and the gps… it just keeps going even when i get the warrning thing that is almsot reached the end of the field.

  2. I find A+Heading is just the way to go. Always either 0 or 90 depending on which field I'm on, and let it go. Super simple… makes me less reliant on helpers, which is massive in FS22 because the Helper AI is so much worse than before.

  3. I just bought a few farms and on the outside of the crops is more land that i own. So after i harvest my crop how can i make my field wider because i want to connect my farms, so i started disking and when i went over grass it didn't do anything and i own that land that i was trying to connect to my other farm? It's like there is grass between my two farms and just one it to be one big farm.

  4. Thank you for another great vid!
    However, i would love if you could explain in another vid how to set up tools that are offset.
    Tools that "ride along side you tractor"
    I have no issues setting up tools that ride along in a straight line behind my tractor, but things that are offset is a nightmare.
    I just can´t wrap my head around it….

  5. i don't have fs22 yet but is there a gearshift mod yet? in fs19, i use it all the time but im scared fs22 won't have it or not yet. i think its called the VCA addon. i don't see anyone use it but its a great mod.

  6. Its not working for me. I dont even see those 3 Icons on the bottom right. I downloaded the mod fgrom the mod hub and moved it to the Mods Folder like every other mod, but it is not showing up at all


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