Is auto selling goods in Farming Simulator 22 good or bad?


Lets break down what happens when you manually sell 1000L of flour vs auto sell 1000L of flour to the best sell point on Elm Creek. The transport fees are a bit more than one might think…

Note this was done on all three economy modes with a full pallet of flour at the flour mill. Transport fees may differ across different maps or different productions and may be based on distance between sell point and production.

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  1. I tried saving up lots of tomatoes to sell,hand-load 50 odd pallets into the trailer,but the game slows down to a creep while driving a full trailer around.maybe i dont have the snappiest pc around,but still strange..

  2. I think it's a fair trade off for time, rather than a money saver, depending what you got going on you can make double that on other things like clothes which only need grass and sheep. In the bigger picture it doesn't matter.

  3. dang ive had bread on auto sell for a year or so now and its been making aprofit vrs my max loan and slowly paying it off because i was to lazy to go move the one pallet a month it makes just feels so slow at times lol

  4. Auto-selling is likely intended to be a steady revenue stream for larger operations, rather than smaller farms. It's the equivalent, basically, of creating your own Transport contracts for AI to complete, and you're paying them. So looking at it from that angle, it makes sense to me?

  5. Thank you doing this test. I saw some comments online saying it sells it to the best price on the market and it made no sense. Apparently they were way off. It's worse than the worst offer.

  6. Autoselling only greenhouse stuff . Cloth and stuff like oil and so on, I sell by myself once a year. A big trailer full of canola oil is 400+ per same amount of canola grain. When selling at highest price. Products is more like an investment 1 year, the highest price for that product did not come, so I waited a year more, and by then I had double amount, so I sold 2 curtain side trailers with canola oil. Having millions on my account after 3 years. So I am not complaining. At all.

  7. I haven’t really taken the time to dive into productions yet. After watching DJGOHAM daggerwin and a few others, it seems to me that the production chains don’t seem to be worth it. At least for a crop like sunflowers or canola (oil wise).

    Again this might just be me I haven’t really experimented to much on my own.

  8. From what I noticed things that are multi product, are not worth it you lose a ton of money on cereal or cake compared to all the effort and costs of individual products.
    But single items like oils and juice auto sell makes a good profit over the regular crop, and all I have to do is drive 10 feet to drop off at my building rather then drive it all over. For example grapes in my game are $2100 and raisins are $5700 so auto sell sells them at $3705 so that's pure profit and a short trip over a long drive.

  9. I'm happy with what this game has become! Next release will no longer be called "Farming Simulator" but rather "Pallet Moving Simulator". Why does almost every activity require a pallet fork to make decent money?

    You're basically moving pallets from sunrise till sunset if you want to maximize your profit.

  10. Thank you for testing….I want to add also which somebody else stated on you tube that the price fluctuations doesn't work currently. The graphics dont represent the accurate price changes.

  11. well.. it's net loss if you compare to selling just grain. In another words.. why the hell you want to invest in production if you can sell grain with higher profits? I think something has to change.

  12. I am so very digging your new intro.
    I am pretty-much into adding value to raw materials, and selling greenhouse items 50/50 automatically, the rest going to production.
    I like that you can auto-everything, in this. When we get bigger maps, us ornery old single player types will have our hands full!

  13. A 35.3% cost to auto sell flour would mean a net loss compared to just selling the grain to begin with.
    For production chains that have higher value-adding, auto selling may be convenient.

  14. what about if you dont sell wheat as flour and just sell wheat… we need to know that price as in if auto sell is less then you selling wheat straight without turning it to flour

    well i went back and see on easy you are making 1243 at johnson for just wheat so you would make more just go straight to market , while grain mill buy wheat for 926 from you if you drive it there so you are really just making 188 for turning wheat into flour and selling it for 1114


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