today we get to work building a landscaping business with $0 and a truck. hope you guys enjoy (:

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Farming Simulator, Dirt Bikers Evading The Police, Abandon Farm, Evading The Police On Atv’s. I Bought An Old Abandon Farm Yard / rich redneck builds massive mud bog / millionaires go luxury camping lifted trucks go mudding

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  1. The most viewed video in a while BY A LONG SHOT. and no follow up….?. Talk about a way to make me not sub. Also a quick way to downfall of a channel not noticing something like that smh.

  2. This was the video that inspired me to pull the trigger on getting FS22! I love Roleplaying and this type of grind seems right up my alley. How did you pick up the mower though? The only push mower mod I found counts it as a vehicle and I can't pick it up?

  3. I'm actually setting a goal right now which will be to start out with something small and within a few months my goal will be to strictly trade up to something worth about 5gs. I know for fact i can do it and i might even start strictly doing things just like that to make alot of money pretty quick and that way i can start up my own kind of business. It just won't be landscaping i know that much because i have been doing that shit for way too damn long and I'm for damn sure NOT getting back into that field whatsoever. Also,there are just way too many damn people cutting grass nowadays and it's almost like everyone at the same damn time just said,hey let's us all go get some mowers,weed eaters and a trailer and start up a landscaping business that everyone else in the country along with their mama and brothers are ALREADY damn doing,like people can't find absolutely anything else at all to do or can't find any other business to start up but landscaping. Smdh!! That shit actually got more damn annoying than anything and quite fast,everyone you see on the road now has some stupid ass trailers with lawn equipment like dude,seriously????


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