How to Use the NEW Helper AI in Farming Sim 22


Today we check out what the new and improved Helper Ai is capable of in Farming Simulator 22!

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  1. when i switch to AI worker i cant stop viewing them, how do i stop this so i can do something else? got to the point its just not worth doing, if im watching i might as well do it myself. any help appreciated. im on ps4

  2. Its almost like they should of had a dev make some tutorials for this game. Out of ALL the games I've play in 40 years this has to be the worst game to figure out. I had a contract to deliver to goldcrest Valley and the green marker was on some empty rail road tracks and had no clue what to do with the grain. So I canceled the contract. Worked out for me because I got to keep the grain and it was worth 25 grand where the contract paid 5. I rented a train, but still dont know if thats the only way to deliver to goldcrest Valley and if so, why would I take a contract worth 500 and have to rent a train for 1,000? I'm I doing it wrong? Wth!

  3. hey i would love to win fs22 me and my family have been a bigg fan of you,squad and spencer for years every year he asks for one and he never has gotten one he has covid right now it would mean the WORLD if i could win fs22 – Ellena 💕

  4. What modders have accomplished through Courseplay is still beyond what giants software themselves can do. You make too many excuses for the ai in 22. They should not have any issues with turning around on the end of a field.


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