HOW TO INSTALL MODS – Farming Simulator 22


This video ill show you how to download and install mods from the in game mod hub on all platforms.

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  1. So The Hunter Call of The Wild is completely broken for me. I uninstalled the game. Asked my husband if I could buy myself a new game to play as an early Xmas present, so I decided to finally buy FS22 💜 it’s still downloading but will be done around midnight. So tomorrow I know what I’ll be doing all day 😂

  2. So I have a problem where I click on downloadable content and it says loading modhub but it never loads and I can’t get into it so therefore I can’t download any mods. I also had this same problem on fs19 not too long ago but I already had mods downloaded so it wasn’t as big of a deal. But I am kind of annoyed that I cannot get any mods on fs 22 now. Can anyone please help me solve this or does anyone know why or have the same problem? Thank you

  3. The list of installed mods seemed better in 19, more streamlined. The larger icons makes it better to recognise the mods, but it you have a bunch of mods harder to scroll through to pick what to activate.

  4. I appreciate you for making words come out for farm simulator 20 from simulator 22 I appreciate checkers is DJ go ham ever say that the world can you put any white coming out so I appreciate you

  5. I am extremely disappointed we don't have the slot count on PS4 we don't have the mods on PS4 we don't even have to update versions for PS4 yet when are we going to get this because I'm tired I'm not being able to play a game that's not glitchy

  6. It's still weird to me that mods by the company and individuals are not only accepted but encouraged. The one game I play if you use mods it is seen as cheating. it's is cool to see all the stuff people can do.


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