HOW TO GROW GRAINS – Farming Simulator 22


This video will teach you everything you need to know regarding growing wheat, barley, oats, canola, soy, and sorghum in Farming Simulator 22.

00:00 – Intro
0:25 – Field Preparation
2:20 – Liming Fields
3:42 – Seeding Fields
7:39 – Growth Menu
9:10 – Weeding
10:41 – Fertilizing
12:53 – Harvesting
15:35 – Selling & Using Crops
16:44 – Outro

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  1. Hey, I have a question. After I harvest, do I need to reseed the field? Or what should I do?

    Also, lime seems to be broken for me I assume. It does not get applied after I plant seeds.

  2. I have an idea for another test video. With grapes, you can not get the vines close enough to get the whole row in a single pass with the subsoiler. Maybe we can test if that is really needed. Say, no pass, one pass, and two passes getting as much of the field as possible. Then see the yields. I am hoping there is a little fudge factor in there and close enough is good enough. Doing two passes super close to the vines is a pain in the butt. You snag on them pretty easily when that close.

  3. If you want to turn your standard seeder into a direct drill you can put a subsoiler in between your tractor and seeder as long as it’s the same working width and your tractor is strong enough to pull both you can seed and cultivate in one pass without spending 100+ K.

  4. PSA: Weeds are currently bugged.
    Weeders will not remove even the first stage of weeds if you have a crop planted (any stage of growth). Weeders can only be used to remove weeds from a field that has nothing planted.
    Also, after you've used herbicide on a field to remove weeds once, if the weeds grow back again BEFORE the field is "ready to harvest", you'll have immortal weeds that can't be removed by any means – not even herbicide.

    These are bugs, because while the field info indicator will show a weed value of 50% after afflicted with immortal weeds, the map will not show any weed presence / pink highlight on that field.

  5. you got mixed up with the plowing and lime. Plowing no longer is required every 3 harvests, just after the beets and potatoes and such. Lime IS required every 3 harvests. It explains this in game in the menu where it talks about improving yield.


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