How To Download The Antonio Carraro Pack DLC! | Farming Simulator 22


How To Download The Antonio Carraro Pack DLC!
FS22 How To – Farming Simulator 22

Buy The DLC –
DLC First Look –
DLC Vehicles In Action –

0:00 – Intro
0:19 – PlayStation
1:14 – Xbox
3:31 – PC Giants Website
4:10 – Steam
4:46 – Epic Games
5:02 – Outro

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  1. The Antonio Carraro Pack DLC is out now, and in this video I'll show you how to download it on all platforms.
    *NOTE – PS4/PS5 players will be able to download the dlc sometime today. Likely around 11am-12pm local time.

  2. I really love these new tractors. Some may look strange but, I like the glass cab, lots of visibility. My only gripe is that I wish you could add a little more HP to them so they're atleast comparable to the Fendt 211 V. Other than that, they're still ALOT of fun.

  3. Hey DJ, I installed the new DLC and I'm able to play with it in game. Modhub says it needs an update but there's no option to update it. Yes I did uninstall and reinstall the DLC. I play on Xbox Sieres X. Thanks

  4. Hmm, bought season pass through giants and the only option I have is to buy the pack. I have the feeling that every game update and dlc is going to be a painful reminder to never buy direct from Giants again.

  5. DJ i Bought the GAME ON PRE ORDER WITH SEASON PASS , i your video you only showed how to buy it , My Question how do we get the DLC if you Have the Season Pass As if i have to pay more money i'll be really pissed , hope to hear a reply back soon on how to get the DLC with season Pass on PC

  6. Missing a little bit of horsepower and traction using the Mach 2R while plowing uphill compared to the Fendt 211 V. But mulching driving backwards with the the possibilities of changing the seat direction is a big plus. Now we can use cruise control while driving backwards. 😀

  7. DJ, is season pass a PC only thing? I play on PS5 and was wondering what other benefits season pass offers other than this DLC free. Thanks in advance.


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