HOW TO CREATE NEW FIELDS – Farming Simulator 22


This video will teach how to extend or create new fields in Farming Simulator 22.

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  1. I dont know how to open the "help" menu in the upper left hand corner and it's driving me crazy. That's the whole thing I've been looking for. But I did learn from you that I need to use a plow to create new farmland. Pays off to read descriptions I guess. Thank You man. I feel the "normal" difficulty just kinda drops ya into the game. EDIT TO SAY I found the help window. You have to turn it on. I'm only slightly retarded

  2. So i painted over some bushes with grass so i wouldnt have to look at the bushes but have grass to grow and cut does painted grass grow because it seems like it doesnt grow in my game. Thx for the vids

  3. Appreciate the landscaping tip – I also like the field shape to be nice and neat and it can be tricky to get a uniform shape with those angled ploughs!
    Now I can just carve out the general shape and neaten it up afterwards
    Thanks for the tutorial 👍

  4. OH THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just bought the game and I been getting so worked up because I slightly messes up making a field. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to delete the field portions I wanted.

  5. I dropped a cow pasture on one of my existing fields, however, I wanted to continue to farm the rest of the field. When I try to put a work on the field the game says no field to be found. Does this sound right? Have you guys experienced this?

  6. Does landscaping also delete fields (as in terrain smoothing etc)?

    Only reason I ask, is I've had issues before in fs19, where my seed drill fails to contact the ground in places. So I used the smoothing tool, to take out the dips and bumps. But it deleted the map's pre-defined field, forcing me to recreate as a player made field.

    This caused a problem for me, as my seed drills that didn't require cultivating, would create a field thus extending any custom fields if I go over the edges. But on pre-defined fields, there were boundaries in place, that prevented this behaviour. Only fix, was to reinstall fs19, and start over from scratch, since uninstalling all mods just enable create fields on everything, and couldn't be switched off (Yeah… Not using that mod again).

    I'm sure this glitch won't happen on fs22, but would be nice to have a safety net.
    Besides, trying to perfectly recreate those fields after, is a chore.

    Anywho, thanks for the content, I'm so hyped for release. Got my copy paid for and ready in my steam library, can't wait for that install button to appear.


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