This is a short guide to the basics of methane and electric powered vehicles.

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  1. I have an electric forklift at most of my production spots for pallets and have ran out of charge on 2 of do I recharge n the field? I just sold em and bought the fuel version…grr

  2. If we have electric tractors and loaders, it’s only a matter of time before we see an electric farm truck, i.e. Ford F-150 lightning, Tesla Cybertruck, or more likely, an electric Lizard Pickup model. Would also love to see one officially in Snowrunner as well.

  3. Did they fix/improve the Rigitrac?
    Math says the battery should last an hour and 30 minutes on full power and the manufacturer advertises up to 5 hours on light work.
    I tested it on FS19 and it kept going for 8 hours pulling a cultivator that needed like 100HP (Even once the battery was empty the worker kept going on pixie dust lol, only stopped moving once I took control).

    Also how long does it take to charge form empty? In fs19 its 10 minutes. Rigitrac says it should take 3 hours, and would be nice if it takes 3 ingame hours to charge.

  4. I had no clue there was an electric telehandler or front loader! I have that little electric tractor as my barn yard tractor for tending to the animals, getting out & putting away implements cuz it's often easier than using a big machine in tight quarters. Looks like I'll be adding to my fleet here in a couple hours.
    Good Intel FC, always learning something from ya

  5. @Farmer Cop I have a problem and hope you have a solution. Cereal is impossible to make because I can’t figure out how to make honey in bulk. Unless you sit and move the pallet every hour of every day you really can’t stack up on it. I even tried buying it from the buy anything mod and can’t find anything to tip it in to.

  6. I've always liked that little electric tractor. It's zippy and maneuverable, perfect for hauling things like the TMR wagon around the farm. If it had the option for a front loader, it would be perfect.


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