Have We Just Seen AI Helpers Driving on Roads in Farming Simulator 22?


Did the latest trailer show AI Helpers driving on the roads in Farming Simulator 22? Let’s look at the evidence so far.

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Did Giants Just Leak a Big New Feature in Farming Simulator 22?

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  1. SOOOOOOO having seen this AFTER hearing about the new SUPER EXCITING UPGRADES TO AI HELPERS! You were BALLS ON ACCURATE!!!!

    I am a console player, using old equipment, barely scraping by on second hand stuff cuz my kids and bills come first. But I've always kind of been jealous of the PC players with y'all's kick ass mods such as Course Play and Follow Me etc. Finally I get to get in on some of that action too. I bit the bullet and pre-ordered FS22. This is the VERY FIRST TIME EVER that I've purchased not only a BRAND NEW game, but pre-ordered a game. I always wait until they're approx 5 years old before I buy a new game (I just started playing FS19 this summer). I've been laid up due to a work injury, and not being able to really do anything, I've kept myself busy learning the ins and outs of FS19 on Xbox. I think it's become a bit of an issue in some ways, but it's been a great benefit in others as I THINK it's kept me out of a deep depressive state.

    Anyway, your prediction was SPOT ON and I could not be more excited about this news. (Not so much about your ability to predict, sorry 😉) I always try to run as efficient as possible, frequently using the maximum number of workers, but usually having to shuttle the equipment from one field/yard to another. This is going to be a major game changer, on top of all the other surprises we've got coming.

    That was long winded enough, and completely pointless. But I've put in the time and effort to write it out, so I'm just gonna leave it be and post it 🤣😂

    Cheers 😎

  2. I've been disappointed in this game, up until these past few weeks. Maybe physics havent changed much, maybe the brightness is kinda goofy, but they have added so many worth while features to keep me invested in my farming world. I literally went from disappointed and not buying to excited. I want the same passion for this one that I got in farming sim 17 🔥🔥


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