GUIDE TO TRAINS – Farming Simulator 22


This video will teach you everything you need to know about trains in Farming Simulator 22.

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  1. We tried hauling beets with the train from the south silo to the north silo on the french map. We could load it but it wouldn't unload. It says it was unloading but nothing happened……

    Glitch, bug or impossible?

  2. Thanks for the video, makes sense with those harvest contracts now. Quick question, could you hire the train and discharge directly from a harvester or auger wagon assuming that they can reach the top of the train wagons ?

  3. Just a heads up, if you’re doing a contract that send the crop to the train WellPoint, you won’t get paid for the “extra” crop beyond what the contract requires so don’t put it all in the train.

  4. Nice torturial – one question: Is it possible to use the Silo at the train station without using the train? On hard mode the purchase of a Silo is very expensive, so if its free to use the "train Silo" I dont have to invest in a silo myself………….

  5. I am not that far into the game but as I was switching vehicles I noticed hnmmm why doesn't it let me in the trains?? ill bet it doesn't let you use trains on this game but I got thinking na no way you surely can get in a train lol well I got thinking I better look into that and came across this video. Thanks man and happy farming

  6. actually, if you rent the train soon after using it to sell to goldcrest valley. it will stop the train and make it travel in the opposite direction from the direction you sent it in. for example in this video, you sent it going east like it normally does. if you rent it again the train will stop and reverse back to where you are standing.

  7. I was confused at first and I was really bummed thinking I couldn’t use the train. And then I had to just walk around the train silo though and happen to figure it out myself. If I never would’ve figured it out I probably still would’ve found your video. I was just watching now just to see what you would have to say. I saw that the price was prorated as well before watching this. It’s nice if you gotta use it real quick and don’t need the full hour.


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