his video will teach you everything you need to know to use the BGA or biogas plant on Farming Simulator 22.

00:00 – Intro
0:19 – Placing & Buying Facilities
2:04 – Inputs & Outputs
3:00 – Methane & Electric Powered Vehicles
3:46 – Productions Menu
8:18 – Inputting Materials
11:31 – Storing Mode
11:51 – Selling Mode
12:32 -Distributing Mode
12:51 – Products & Income
14:32 – Outro

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  1. I miss the Randon Sugarcane trailers from FS19.
    Most trailers will stop right after the intake fills up and you have to manually restart the unloading again, but because the sugarcane trailers dump like front loader buckets, you can just leave them dumping into the intake and they will keep topping it up with no input from the player.
    The smaller two sugar cane trailers are still in game and they can be made into a train, though you can barely fill them with silage if playing with weight limits on.

  2. Realize that the main difference between the different BGAs is the production rate. The 1MW BGA can process 2.44M liters of silage per year. Thats a very large corn field chopped. So take care in how much silage you produce, as you might be waiting for it to process ALL YEAR long. As well, the 1MW BGA has a capacity of 300k silage (even when you don't own it, any more dump will actually queue it but you will get paid when it is processed, which could be at a lower price, so typically don't overfill). The smaller BGAs probably have a lower silage capacity, as they definitely have a lower production rate, scaled to the MW output of the plant.

    Note, prices for electricity and methane (digestate) can be found in program files (x860) Farmingsimulator22datamapsmap_fillTypes.xml. The prices here appear to be the HARD economy prices, with medium economy prices being doubled. So on medium, electricity is $700/1000elec. Methane is $900/1000methane. Therefore if you follow the production recipe, silage is worth $630/1000silage. However, the elec and meth prices fluctuate as well, however we can't see them. I tried enabling the pirces in the economy chart (they are current set to false), however they just appear with no value, like fert, diesel, seed, etc. Regardless you will see that owning a BGA will get you a +50% increase in the value of your silage, with an extremely large investment. Smaller BGAs also have VERY slightly less profit margin for the production, but of course they cost much much less.

    As well, you do need to own the BGA to use the bunkers…no free silos. So without owning the 1MW BGA, its simply just another silage sellpoint. However, silage is still king. Elm Creek, I bought fields 32-33-34 and merged them into a huge gras field. I get 1M liters of silage every full cut, and I can get 2.5 full cuts a year. That's grossing me $750k per year. The $1.5M farm Manager starter money has been made back in 2 years. Because of no course play or followme, I am using bales. I just modded a Pottinger 150cm Bale wrapper using fast bale tech, and I can get 9mph without stopping while baling a 10m wide swath (unlike the 125cm fast baler which will be limited to 4-5mph). Round bale are the best in this situation because of a) fast baling b) no courseplay/followme, so except the mowing, I have to do it all myself c) Round bale autoloader can hold 24x150cm bales. Thats +40% more silage per trailer full than the square bale autoloader trailer d) its relative flat and bales dont go everywhere.

  3. there should be mods for clothes and looks as well
    everybody so busy makin mods for tractors and stuff they forget new add ons for new game modes and yea i know its about farming anyway
    just a thought
    that way we can all be unique

  4. I purchased the big bio gas plant on elm creek, and feed it with all 4 materials. On the financial screen my bio gas plant income is still zero, but my harvest income is around $130k for the month with no actual crop harvest done/sold. Is anyone else seeing the income misclassified as well?

  5. Any chance you can do a guide to silage? It looks like corn chaff is the best for volume but wanted to know if you’ll do the comparison on others like you have in the past. Silage looks like one of the highest profit crops, am I wrong with that?


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