GUIDE TO THE BAKERY – Farming Simulator 22


This video will guide you through everything regarding the bakery production facility in Farming Simulator 22.

00:00 – Intro
0:22 – Placing & Buying Facilities
1:53 – Inputs & Outputs
3:28 – Productions Menu
6:01 – Inputting Materials
8:01 – Storing Mode
9:23 – Selling Mode
10:45 – Distributing Mode
11:52 – What to do with Products?
12:22 – Outro

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  1. just bought the bakery and the mill on medium and came to the conclusion thats its terrible. i get 88k profit from it and it produces extra wqork. if i feed the same grain to chickens i make 225k. utterly terrible and thats with selling the bread at peak times. sadly you cant go back as selling it will screw it all up.

  2. I just went to the bakery on Elm creek where i have 500litres of bread but it wont spawn so i can sell it manually. Idk wot is going on. Any suggestions appreciated👍

  3. I think Giants should have some type of restaurant or pizza delivery as a production chain. It would utilize oil, flour, produce, cheese etc and could be used as a transport mission as well.

    The farm to table concept

    Just my thoughts 🚜

  4. Maybe we need more freedom / adjustment on selling, distribution, storage, like setting a percentage for each, IE: 10% distribution, 20% storage, 70% selling. We have the choice to set those percentages. Cheers

  5. I have done some play with production and setting up supply to feed the bakery. Flour, sugar, strawberries, milk, butter and eggs produce cakes, but I have found out that the bakery only needs 384 of each item every 24 hrs to make 960 cakes, that is the bottle neck in making good profit with a supply chain. The bakery output needs to be improved or we need about 15 bakeries to use the production generated from the supply chain. Any thoughts on this, please. Cheers

  6. It seems production rates are wrong or i miss something? if every hour consume 180 l of flour it should be 4300l of flour a day (in game), so far I used like 7k flour in 4 months or 4 day. Some ideas?

  7. well there are some production very lucrative others not so much, i'm also on normal mod without mod or cheats and the price of flour and bread doesn't seems even worth doing , i might leave those for last, sugar and tailor seems more likely.


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