This video will teach you how to use the autofeed cow barn in Farming Simulator 22.

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  1. Great vid btw just something to say I’m on Xbox series s and when I place any animal enclosure and say that was cows i buy the max amount of cows for the that enclosure and it can only see like 6-10 of that animal and that happened every time with every animal even if I just buy a few 🙁 I was just wondering if u could help me out!??

  2. My question is what percentage of each item does it use to make the mix, and also do you get 100% of the ingredients out that you put in. I have a feed mixing mod I use and the mix on it is all wrong, you put in 1000 of each ingredient including mineral feed but only get 1000 tmr out of it. I have modified the xml's for it myself to make it better but am really interested to know what mix Giants are using on this one.

  3. i had my three raw materials full and I slept until the next day, and the menu showed the cows had no food. Does is take a while for the robot to fill up completely?

  4. 2 questions. 1. have you tested this with bales instead of loose? Some Youtubers say it has to be loose and bales wont work. 2. Now that the patch has dropped which manure silo do you use the silo or the silo extension? TY so much.

  5. Any resson why I can't be get the screen to open to get into the bays to drop the necessary supplies! Mine has the screen closed and I can't drop hay, silage and all that into the proper bays.
    Update: it's a glitch! Have to delete the whole thing and place it back in. Had to sell my cows and all.

  6. I don’t know if it’s a glitch but I cannot figure this out. I have purchased and placed my cow barn with feeding robot. But the bay door to add grass,hay, and straw will not open ??? What’s the deal???

  7. The auto feeder isn’t working at all. I put in the hay, straw, and silage, and every hour it does nothing. I’ve even fast forward to next day, and still nothing. The hay straw and silage levels are still the exact same when I put them in. I’m on Xbox series X.

  8. i have the barn, put 12 cows in… but the auto feeder doors are closed, so i can't put stuff in there… am i missing something?. several hrs have gone by and nothing as happened, im on x5 time

  9. My only question is:
    Does the mineral feed do anything other than add 1 more item to TMR?
    And incase anyone else is wondering the max capacity of the shed
    115k silage
    49k straw and hay
    49K mineral feed
    39k straw for bedding (you dump it in the same area as you would for feeding them) <also note that you can fill the silo bedding and feed trough WITH NO ANIMALS IN THE PEN!!>


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