GUIDE TO SHEEP – Farming Simulator 22


This video will teach you all of the basics to caring for and making money off of sheep in Farming Simulator 22.

00:00 – Intro
0:25 – Purchasing Sheep Pens
0:49 – Purchasing Sheep
3:23 – Animal Menu
4:41 – Watering Sheep
6:24 – Feeding Sheep
8:08 – Wool Production & Sales
9:54 – Outro

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  1. Don't know how many people know this but you can pull up or back up to the water tower and it will give you free water as well. Also if it doesn't work Get out of the truck or tractor go back to the rear of the trailer get back in the vehicle and then the refill option will appear in the F 1 menu. Found this out after 4 days of searching for an answer LoL

  2. Not sure if they die off? I thought I lost half of my flock one morning…………just sleeping. The young ones don't reproduce, does that include wool production? Because it takes forever to produce a second bale of wool, I only have two sheep over 8 months.

  3. I'm very curious about the Ages. Do animals pass away or disappear from old age? Or will we actually see from hardcore non stop players having animals with an age of 1,000-10,000 months old?


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