GUIDE TO GROWING GRASS & HAY – Farming Simulator 22


This video will teach you how to grow and produce grass and hay in Farming Simulator 22.

00:00 – Intro
0:27 – Field Prep
1:16 – Lime
2:21 – Seeding
5:10 – Fertilizing
6:31 – Mowing/Harvesting
10:00 – Picking Up Grass
11:31 – Making Hay
12:36 – Equipment Demos
14:48 – Outro

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  1. Wrapping balers will give you grass bales if you ramp up the size. I used Pottinger Impress 185VC Pro (Base Game) and increased the bale size to 180 and found it wouldn't wrap and just dropped the bale off. The 125 bales wrapped no problem. Not sure about the 150 size, but will check that at next harvest.

  2. Hey Farmer cop, what would be the point of collecting bulk grass or hay with the wagon in lieu of baleing it? Can you sell bulk grass/bay just like bales?

  3. Just a tip for bailing if you have a lot of straw on fields and want to have silage or hay pick up 51% of hay and 49% of straw it will always creat a bail depends on what most is in there. Even you can start with straw up to 48% and then rest with hay or grass to silage and it will create bail of the 51% ingreedient.

  4. I always found it far easier with lime to just take the spreader to a lime station on the map and buy in bulk, directly into the spreader, rather than mess around with the pallets from the store.

  5. Hey, you make some great videos but you missed you really key points with grass if you have seasons turned on. Grass won't grow in December, January, and February. You can harvest it during those months but if you harvest in November then you won't get a growth stage until March. Also, grass takes 3 months to grow during March to November. First month it will say "growing" second month it will say "ready to harvest" but will have a about a 30-40% less yield and will visually look shorter, and the third month it will also say "ready to harvest" but will visually look much longer and will give max yield.

    I think you should have a good look how grass works with seasons on because its pretty cool!

  6. It looks like this might have been addressed, but I don't have the time to read all the comments, but I see a couple that appear to suggest this.

    Like with any other arable crop, if you roll the field right after seeding, it'll bump up your yield for at least that first harvest. Each and every time after you've cut, handled and collected everything from the field roll it again. This instantly bumps the crop status from "harvested" to "growing", while also giving you your 2nd fertilizer state.
    There's also the option to add a silage additive, which is a tank on the loading wagon. This increases your silage yield in some way, not 100% sure on how or where the numbers work out, I've not gotten that far with silage yet. (Still too busy building up my far on NMsL)

    Great info video tho. These were great when I first started playing, and they're the reason why I'm able to play it as well as I do today. But I am one to always listen to others methods, even if I already "know what I'm doing", because you never know when you might not know something. I grew up on an alfalfa farm, so I'm big into the whole grass part of this game. Rehashing old childhood memories, telling the great "back in my day" stories to my sons as we play the game.

    Thanks for your time and efforts into this as always FC. Farm on brother!


  7. Hey not sure if you know this but the grass (specific) rollers will set the growth state from harvested to growing. Saving a day. They also add a fertilizer layer, while weeding. It's a must do for grass as you will not waste money on fertilizer anymore. And you remove the harvested state.

  8. I don't care what anyone else says, grass silage is the super crop as usual, in FS22. 2.5 to 4.5 cuts per year (if you roll just after harvest), low operating costs, flexible harvest schedule, easy and high-capacity transport, and gives you plenry of time to farm in between…or you can literally just watch your grass grow. Small scale grass silage should be part of everyone's game start. The only thing that limits you is that eventually the high price will struggle to make average price during the winter, because you have sold so much silage!!


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