Guide To Best Crop Yields – Dec 2, 2021
Farming Simulator 22

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  1. There is some efficiency/convenience to be had here.

    Heres the order I go by;
    01. Mulch
    02 .Plow (if needed)

    03 .Stonepick (if needed)
    04. Lime (if needed)
    05. Fertilize

    06. Cultivate

    07. Sow or Plant
    08. Herbicide

    09. Roll
    10. Fertilize again
    11. Wait for harvest season
    12. Harvest
    13. Wait for seeding season
    <- Back to 01.

    Doing it this way, you wont have any weed/fertilize crud to deal with between seasons, makes things easier.

    With a direct seeding machine like the Kuhn Espro 6000 RC, you can do step 05, 06, and 07 all in a single pass.

    I think you can combine 08 and 09 as well, as both sprayer and mega roller are 24m wide, but im not sure if the sprayer attaches to the front.

    I've played with oilseed radish, but it makes things complicated with mulching, plus if you are using a direct seeder like the Espro 6000 RC, you waste fertilizer. Also for wheat crops there's not enough time between harvest and sowing seasons to do it. In my opinion its not worth the time and effort.

  2. I can't recall the name of the youtuber, but he did a very nice test of profitability with different tilling, rolling, and mulching. The conclusion is that it doesn't matter. The best and lowest has a difference of 2%, and there were missing factors not in the analysis like time management, investment of the additional implement, etc – it makes it all a wash – which is great for the game. If you WANT to be realistic and roll the fields when necessary and pickup rocks because of the type of tilling you do, mulch those nasty corn stalks, you basically make the same amount of money in the end.

    The moral of the story is don't pay attention to these details, farm the way you want, and have fun. Now, this all works, as long as you farm CORRECTLY – if you have rocks/lime/plow/weeds on, then you must address those issues in a proper manner, or you CERTAINLY will lose money, and perhaps not even make profit. But if you don't mulch, don't roll, or have rocks/lime/plow/weeds disabled, you will make the same money – it all depends on how realistic you want to be in this glorious simulator of farming.

  3. You never have to cultivate. the rule is it has to be EITHER plowed or cultivated. Basically it needs to be tilled in some way. If you want, you can simply plow EVERY time. The trade off with plowing/subsoiling/spading versus powerharrow/disc/cultivating/shallow_cult is WEEDS. Plowing/subsoiling/spading ONLY, will not bring up weeds. Therefore Root crops, especially corn, is being given a boost in FS22. Dealing with weeds can be an expensive task, just as much as cultivating or rolling…

    I love these changes by Giants – different trade offs between ALL 6 types of tilling implements, where as FS19 had 5 different types of implements, but really only 2 behaviors.

  4. Plowing brings up small rocks. On the french map though, there is a bug where large rocks come up all the time, never small. Rock Picking city.

    Subsoiling brings up large rocks. Spading brings up no rocks. Its the trade off in speed if the implement versus adding more work (rolling for small rocks, stone picking for large rocks)

  5. Haven't heard from any other source about a 5% yield malus if you harvest with stones. You will lost A LOT more than 5% of the value of your crop, to the damage to your harvester if you leave large rocks on the field.

  6. Subsoilers are much better. And same as plowing. I never use cultivators. And I spray fertilizer, then sow oilseed radish then subsoil that, now my field 100% fertilized. Then I sow. Then immediately spray herbicide. Perfect field everytime with max yield.


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