This video will teach you how to use the Forage Production mod on the modhub for all platforms.

Forage Factory:

00:00 – Intro
0:53 – Purchasing the Factory
1:20 – Inputs & Outputs
1:41 – Productions Menu
2:54 – Storing, Selling & Distributing
3:39 – Inputting Materials
5:10 – Outro

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  1. the factory looks nice but that's a bout it, it is completely useless and even if it made the correct thing the ratio is horrible an expensive factory should be at least as efficient as the portable mixers which seem to have zero loss as long as you get within the ratio's 100% of the volume put in becomes tmr but with the factory you are getting a third of the input the ratio is horrible too mineral feed is like a vitamin supplement for people so could you imagine if a third of your diet was supplements honestly the most realistic approach would be 1000 silage, 500 hay, 500 straw, 20 mineral feed for 2000 tmr

  2. this factory is 100% useless … It does not make TMR it makes a product that can only be sold using the sale function on most maps. If you want it to work right you need to edit the XML.

  3. If you do decide to use this, you can modify the mod xml files in the mod folder, and replace all mention of FORAGE_MIXED, into FORAGE, which is the actual codename for TMR. I think the mod author confused them. Or we can wait for a new mod.

  4. Off topic from the video, Jw what’s the best vehicle for packing grass for silage? Ik it’s depending on the weight, but I have a modded dually and it spreads out the grass the fasted but doesn’t pack. Also used the heaviest tractor It packed but didn’t spread very well

  5. Mon., Dec. 20, 2021 Good evening Mr. FC. I don't know if you're aware of this or not but Mr. Sealyp made this same recipe using this same TMR factory and then took the "Forage" it made to feed his cows. The game will NOT allow you to feed "Forage" to the cows. Whoever modded this needs to be made aware there is a serious glitch with their factory. There is No place to sell Forage or TMR. Please make some Forage and try to feed it to your cows. You will find the cows feed area will not accept it. Just thought you might want to know so you could let everyone else know so they don't waste their time using this factory.


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