GUIDE TO COWS – Farming Simulator 22


This video will show you everything you need to know about cows in Farming Simulator 22.

00:00 – Intro
1:04 – Placing Barns and Pastures
3:09 – Buying Cows
5:40 – Animal Menu
7:34 – Watering Cows
9:09 – Straw for Cows
10:25 – Feeding Cows
11:55 – Making Money from Cows
13:29 – Selling Cows & Reproduction
15:17 – Outro

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  1. I just got started with cows, bought the second barn, the 254k one. Put 10 Holstein cows in (the 1100 ones), gave them grass and straw (don't have anything else at the moment), but they are not producing any milk. Do I have to wait for the cows to reach the point when they can reproduce?

  2. So I watched a vid about meat breeds vs milk breeds and it showed it was a complete waste to do meat breeds. They eat way more food then milk cows and also stop gaining money after 6 month, but don't breed until like 12 months. So thats 6 months of feeding for no gain. It showed you will make twice as much from milk and also feed less. I don't understand why giants made cows this way, no point in meat cows..

  3. Can you move cows to another barn? example if I have a barn with 80 and they are ready to reproduce, can you move that to a new barn, and then in that barn you'll have 2(the cow) and the new born calf?

  4. I like to use a few mods when i play like the placeable seed pallets and feed stations so you dont have to leave your farm. Started up a farm yesterday with a cotton field and placed a spinnery and tailor shop and started making clothes. This morning after mostly getting all my sheep and wool and everything going yesterday i was able to sell 6 pallets for 180k and today i did another season of production sped up until april at the high point and sold 10 pallets of clothes for 304k. Paid off the loan in full and still have 250k+ 😁 really enjoying the paces of the production so far. I also now have two sheep sheds and two spinnerys to really keep my stock full and processing year round. Gonna try to get another tailor shop soon with profits going up but im also looking into cows or such to expand even more. Ive always played these games almost every single one thats released but this one by far feels the most intriguing with everything you can do. Cant wait to see what more mods bring in the future!!


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